Trade Show Management Why Does Early Preparation Matter?

Trade Show Management

To the farthest corner, your sight can reach you see nothing but people or potential clients at a trade show. You see it packed with visitors. It feels like the veritable sea-waves for the hard-core surfers. But there is the difference between trade show and surfing on the wave. The trade show is not as simple as surfing to get your fill of the roaring waves. At the trade show, salespersons are often at the receiving end of cold gestures from the attendees. They plan best sales strategy and work on a quick sales pitch to get the deal.

However, being a smart salesperson at a trade show requires some early preparations to be easily noticeable. Here’s why – the trade show is a perfect example to sell your product/service to potential leads. This marketing channel is more rewarding (if you do it right) compared to the cold calls you make to the potential buyers who keep refusing your offer and turns nuts at your further insistence. Trade exhibition allows interacting with prospects face-to-face. You get to know them and manage to sell in real time.

The trade show is an interactive environment where people walk for a couple of hours to figure out what product/service they would be interested in buying. Maybe some come up to your exhibition stand and look up and down the aisle to see if what you offer comes in handy. There may be some evaluating the worth of your offer against what they can pay for. You may be in dilemma what to do and how to convince buyers about the value of your product/service. This happens with those doing impromptu marketing at trade shows.

Early preparation for trade show will help you understand whichever product/service you need to promote or sell. It will help you figure out whether or not you get the real picture of what it takes to sell product/service. Meantime, consult your product design team and seek their technical expertise by asking a lot of loaded questions related to your offer.

It may seem inappropriate, but visiting a trade show before you set up your booth stand is very helpful. Walk there for a couple of hours and gather information as to how visitors respond to particular booth stand staff. Note if it is stand design accompanied by compelling signage, color and lighting that trigger ‘inviting’ sense to the people passing by the stand. It will also help you know the importance of trained staff to have your product/service represented effectively at a trade show.

Study carefully on your competition products and learn if they are a better fit and “how.” Do not make the mistake to highlight only a few selected products and keep the rest out of visual reach of visitors. Keep all the elements in such order that everyone is visiting at your exhibition stand could see and understand them. You need to study sales script carefully. It will help you make sales presentation strategy for your trade show.

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