5 Things to Consider when Designing a Booth

What pleases the eyes leaves a lasting impression!

To boost brand awareness, maximize booth traffic and create an indelible impression of your business, an ingenious booth with an ‘immersive’ ambiance is a must in exhibitions. The journey from transforming a generic old exhibit into a compelling distinctive structure is indeed challenging. But the right exhibit house with the right expertise can give your exhibit the much-needed flamboyant look.

Here we give you a list of 5 things to consider when designing an exhibition booth:

  • An avant-garde Design: Go with an exhibit house that understands the art of conceptualizing brand-enforcing booth designs. In the day and age of experiential marketing, only a thought- provoking booth design can elevate your brand values to the attendees. Knowing and understanding what a visitor wants and designing around that will embark your presence in a trade show.
  • Futuristic Technology: The virtual wave has transformed the way we experience brands today. With the latent advancements and developments in the technology realm, exhibitors have the power to simulate the brand capabilities on the show floor.

Let human interacting machines, virtual reality, augmented reality and AV tools be the instant engaging focal elements for your brand on the booth floor.

  • The Art of Storytelling: Let your prospects paddle through the innovation of your products and services with a storytelling booth detailing highly visible branding and messaging.

A novel design delivers delightful insights at every turn. The whimsical details of your brand must lead the attendees into the arduous story of your brand.

  • Point of Attraction: When you have a new dynamic product, it is natural to place it at the center stage. There has to be an element that appeals the attendees, enlivens a sense of inquisitiveness in their minds and makes them stop by your booth.
  • Unleash the Power of Personalization: Wherever there is a room for human touch, personalize it. With personalization in your both, you can mirror your brand’s value of vision, passion, and authenticity.

Personalize the big bold texts on your fabrics. Personalize the content to be displayed on those high definition visual screens. When your design speaks for your brand and there is a sense of personalization in it, the visitor is automatically drawn to your booth and shows great interest in your product.