understands how important it is for an exhibitor to do a trade show smoothly. Catering to the needs of the exhibitors we provide following exhibition stand solutions:


One of the direst situations is when the exhibit freight does not appear at the show. We understand the need for safe and timely transportation and shipping of a booth stand, and therefore we network with only licensed and experienced carriers. We supervise carrier selection and customs clearance in both inbound and outbound shipments to ensure delivery of the stand at the right place and on right time`.

Our diligent inventory management team further keeps a check on the exhibit freight before and upon delivery to avoid any shocks during the installation part.


At the installation part of your trade show stand is met with same vitality and zeal as the designing and construction of a booth stand. To save you from the last minute hiccups of getting the booth installed on time, trained a certified spatial team of craftsmen is sent on the location of the trade show. These craftsmen are well-experienced people who are well aware and prepared of all the uncertainties which can arise during the setting up of a booth stand. Thus ensures that your stand is put up in place before the start of the event.

Display Management

A visually stimulating booth stand leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of people. Despite one’s best efforts, it is impossible to forecast all the emergencies. At, we believe that anything can happen at a moment notice and therefore we make sure that our supervising specialist is always present at the exhibition display throughout the trade show. Our trained ensures that your bespoke booth stand looks meticulous all time.


At times the booth is located in a space where it is not easy to spot. Being the solution providers we enhance the visibility of your booth by dressing up with 3D Logos, foil cuts, eye-catching colors and LED Lights. With a special focus on the graphics of your booth, our assiduous team of designers conceptualizes it in a manner that your brand catches maximum eyeballs.


Our services do not end with the show. Post trade shows we dismantle your stand with utter care and there after we provide carbon footprints of your stand as per the regulations of the exhibiting country.