The Importance of Customer Service

If you have built a magnificent booth stand and expect people to come by and just purchase your offers without a hitch, you’ve got it all wrong. It doesn’t work that way. You need a better strategy, smart planning, trained staffs, and you need some manners for your visitors.

Sadly, most companies are obsessed with the prospect of building great booth stand for visitors to come by and purchase their product/service. What happens at the end of the day is a sorrowful experience of a day without a sale. All your efforts to make the show successful bear no result.

Do you know why it happens?

It’s because of your untrained staff, someone you hired to treat customers with respect and professionalism. However, you suffered poor engagement and “no” sales.

In this stressful business scenario, being a standout is a way too difficult task. It is not what you offer and how exciting it seems, customers think of you just more than that. They tend to judge the experience you give them with that of other salesmen. If in their perspective your way of communication is poor, you lose them. It is as simple as that. Therefore, the customer service on exhibition stand is very important, but it depends on the manner of delivering the service.

How you serve prospects is a very important aspect of doing business at trade shows.

Here are some key points you need to understand in this context.

Never ignore them – If you, as a customer, visit at an exhibition stand and the staff there gives you a cold reception, how would you get the cue? Won’t you feel insulted? Would you not consider the behavior ugly or unacceptable? Of course, you will. Nobody likes being unacknowledged.

Customer Service at Exhibition Stands

The more cordial you are in the manner of representing your brand, the more footfalls you drive to your exhibition stand. People love being… acknowledged.

So, the point is, do not ignore the presence of new customer coming at your stand, even though you are attending another potential and you are kind of very busy at that moment. Make a quick eye contact, shake hands and let the customer know how pleased you are to meet him/her. Your responsibility as a standing staff is to make every visitor feel important. Never discriminate them on the basis of affluent personality.

Do not start with a pushy sales pitch: A boring, tedious and irritating sales-pitch will most probably shy away the attendees, forcing them to move to another stand. Just make them feel relaxed and maintain an assertive conversation.

Understand what they want: You need to get the good grasp of your customer’s needs rather than aggressively imposing yourself on them. If you understand the purpose of their visiting at your stand or what has prompted them to visit your stand, there is a strong likelihood of you getting more foot traffics.

Be standout: To be more noticeable is all about how customers approach  you and how you take care of their needs. It is also more about how digitally you integrate your activity with social media and make more emphasize on your brand’s authority. This is something the prospects love and feel connected to the brand.

Show some sense of humor – a fun-witted salesperson at the exhibition stand is likely to generate more sales than a pokerfaced, humorless one. Don’t look like a mannequin when people are walking up to your stand. Crack some tasteful and perfectly-timed jokes. It is good to have prize wheel at exhibition stand to draw attentions from the visitors.

Follow these key points, too –

• A shorthanded booth stand bears ugly impression in the way you represent your product/service. Employ trained and skilled professional/s.
• Give people your business card. This is one of the most important ways exhibitors often do. Statistics reveal business cards to be the main recourse for nearly 60% of exhibitors.
• Make your introduction short and to the point. People don’t have all day to listen to you.
• Be clear about the objectives like who you are and what you do about your brand.

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