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Trade Show Management Why Does Early Preparation Matter?

To the farthest corner, your sight can reach you see nothing but people or potential clients at a trade show. You see it packed with visitors. It feels like the veritable sea-waves for the hard-core surfers. But there is the difference between trade show and surfing on the wave. The trade show is not as simple as surfing to get your fill of the roaring waves. At the trade show, salespersons are often at the receiving end of cold gestures…

The Importance of Customer Service

If you have built a magnificent booth stand and expect people to come by and just purchase your offers without a hitch, you’ve got it all wrong. It doesn’t work that way. You need a better strategy, smart planning, trained staffs, and you need some manners for your visitors. Sadly, most companies are obsessed with the prospect of building great booth stand for visitors to come by and purchase their product/service. What happens at the end of the day is…