5 Ways to Make Exhibiting in Europe Perfect

For a lot of people who are based out in the US, the idea of exhibiting in Europe is an uneasy thought process and processing it well becomes a little difficult. We understand your apprehensions about European exhibiting and the doubts related to foreign exhibiting. So as an exhibit design house based out in Europe, we are here to clear out all those concerns and give you better results and outputs, seeding out all your major confusions about European exhibitions. Here are 5 ways to make your exhibit perfect in Europe.

Exhibiting in Europe

1. Data Tracking: With the growing digitalization, we have been seeing an upsurge in the technology that can be used to track the data and the same in Europe has been growing at a rapid speed. So every time you are exhibiting in Europe makes it a point t explore the newest data tracking facility and include it in your exhibit for better results. With optimized ways of data tracking, it will be easier for you to segment the data and use it for your future planning and building attendee persona.

2. Better Budgeting: Exhibiting in Europe promotes saving on budget cost a lot. You can read about the same in our blog: Budgeting Matters. As the labor charge is low in Europe as compared to the US, the budget cuts down a lot as you do not have to pick the union labor and pay them the pre-described minimum wages. With this, you also save a lot of overhead costs as there is no drayage in the Europe on shipping of the goods.

3. Cutting on Shipping: As mentioned above, an exhibitor saves a lot on drayage costs and with that the other costs related to shipping also cuts down drastically. Shipping becomes an easier process as one can ship packages in different boxes and too much stress is not being focused on pre-planning and shipping well on time that also saves you time, and you become less hesitant on management skills.

4. Material & Design Experiments: As shipping and drayage are not as high as the US, the exhibitor can experiment on the designs. In the US, exhibitors usually stick to modular or on rent stands due to high expenditure. Whereas in Europe they experiment with Custom Exhibition Stands. With that, they have the liberty to use any kind of materials ranging from cardboards to fabrics and even aluminum.

5. Staff Expertise: With European staff holding expertise in exhibiting, the staff management is comparatively easier. Since they are well versed with the culture around the Europe, they can explore the possibilities of better sale for your product.

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