10 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Exhibitions

Probably every year you have been trotting the globe exhibiting country to country on behalf of your company, but some things still might not have struck your mind. These are the things that must be on your “I-Know-It-Already” list but fail to make there. So now that we have written this checklist, we hope it will ring a bell next time you are planning to go as an exhibitor.
Things About Exhibition

1. Past of the Organizer: So most of us believe that every year exhibiting in the same exhibition will reap fruitful results. However, one thing that matters the most in bringing you the right audience is having the right organiser of the exhibition. All of us are so engrossed in polishing ourselves and our exhibit designs that we skip on this crucial part of checking whether the organiser and its exhibition is worth our time or not?

2. The Rules & Regulations of Exhibiting: Before planning or allotting work to your design house, as an exhibitor, it becomes your prime responsibility to thoroughly go through the rules and regulations manual given by the organiser. As per a general norm, this manual without being read is passed on to the exhibit designing team. However, as vital as it is for them to know every rule, you must also go through it and to ensure a better result.

3. What is the Best Suited Exhibit Location for You: Now that you have done your background checks, it is a crucial time for you to choose the location for your exhibit. Please note, not always the most premium stand will give you the best possible results. You must measure the objectives that you want to procure from the exhibition and based on that analysis, come up with the best-suited location for your exhibit.

4. Ideal Time Management: If you would have gone through the guidebook (which we are now trusting you will, please do not cheat) you will know what is the ideal time for coming, setting up, installing and dismantling your booth. You must ensure that the same is done as per rules and regulations and are able to procure maximum out of exhibiting. Most exhibitors fail to install their booth and the visitors already start streaming in which might lead to missing on a great prospect just because you were not efficient in time management.

5. Paper Work: Exhibiting is not just a cake walk, where in you come and stroll through the city, making connections. It requires you to go through a lot of paperwork and as an exhibitor, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that all the papers bearing permissions and services are in place. Your company has invested a budget into this and in case you skip on any of these permits, your brand might suffer adversely. So, be sure that you have all clearances in place before so that you can have a comfortable and convenient show.

6. Risk Factors: You being the smart exhibitor must know that exhibiting in foreign lands involves a lot of risks. And handling those risks is a smart choice that you must make. How everyone has since our kindergarten days taught us to kerb risks instead of facing them, it is a wise call to take pre-exhibiting as well. These risks include misplacing of documents, passport issues, visa problems, cash problems, currency exchange issues and much more. You must have these problems dealt with in advance by already having substitutes to each problem ready.

7. Ways to Smart Saving: Being smart and acting in a swift manner when it comes to money matters is considered a sign of wise mind. If you can save your company some money by doing wise investments and right expenditure, then you’ll get accolades from your bosses and make you feel good about your accomplishments too. Like saving money on Labour, Exhibit Design House in proximity, Logistics cost and much more.

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Trade Show Checklist

8. Visitors Data Information: The best benefit that you can get out of your pre-show result is to extract data from the organiser about the visitors. Your organiser is well-equipped with their data science team which bifurcates the data of visitors visiting the exhibition, so you must take full advantage of the same and target the right audience. But there might be times when the organiser will charge you for this data. But trust us, it will be a wise investment to pay for the data as you will know the expectations and segmentation of people visiting the show and you can beforehand give them your company’s brief and invite them to your exhibit.

9. Industry Specific Exhibition: Every exhibition is not of the same kind and does not follow the same protocol. You must be aware in advance of what kind of things are practised in your industry and must deal with them accordingly. For eg.: In a defence exhibition, the exhibitors and visitors belong to a very serious category, so you cannot arrange an emcee there to attract visitor’s attention. Whereas, if your product is textile related, you must distribute a freebie that will attract more visitors to your stand, a practice which cannot be followed in a pharma exhibition.

10. The Right Exhibit House: We cannot emphasise enough on how much as an exhibitor you must concentrate on this point. Your exhibition stand design is the 1st thing that grabs your visitor’s attention and attracts them to engage with you. So, as an exhibitor, please put a lot of thought as to which should be your exhibit house. They are the people who help you throughout the process of exhibiting, and if you choose on the right house; you will be relaxing like a boss. STRESS FREE.

So now we have traded our secrets of right exhibiting with you, make sure that you implement these in your future exhibiting habits or make US your exhibiting partner and we will handle the rest.

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