7 Perfect Reasons to Exhibit in a Trade Show

While there are many different methods to market your products, to exhibit them in trade shows might well be the most effective form of face to face marketing.If you are a new business planning foray into the world of face to face marketing, here are 7 perfect reasons to switch from conventional marketing approach to the new approach of trade show exhibitions

Exhibit in Trade Shows

1. Increase Qualified Leads: Whenever you are going in for a trade show, you will realize that you will experience an increase in both some qualified leads as well as an increase in the number of potential customers from those qualified leads. In fact, statistics show that companies that exhibit in trade shows show in increase in client awareness as well as an increase in social media impressions sometimes by up to 60 percent.

2. Product Demonstrations: Trade shows provide a unique platform for exhibitors to showcase their products. Real-time product demonstrations not only give potential clients the feel of your product they also draw attention towards your exhibit. Demonstrations enable potential clients to measure your product according to their standard and needs thus increasing the number of qualified leads.

3. Potential for outreach: Exhibitions promote brand establishment along with being an excellent platform for your company to secure a presence in the market.Clients and attendees believe that when a company showcases itself on a global marketing platform like trade shows it has the necessary drive and commitment to deliver on its promises.

4. Platform for Face to Face Marketing: Even with the advent of social media face to face marketing remains one of the most effective methods for increasing sales. Exhibitions provide an invaluable junction where your business ideas are seen by a highly specific group of people that all have the potential to be future clients.In conjugation with your sales pitch during exhibitions, you can also ask attendees for feedback on your product. This will enable you to not only get more leads but also get valuable customer oriented information on how to best improve your product. It is a market research process that gives you optimized highly specific results.

5. Gauging Industry Trends: When you are exhibiting in business to business space, then your product is being marketed in the same platform as others in your industry.This provides you with the opportunity to determine the direction that your industry in going and adjusting your business accordingly.Gauging the industry standard allows you to determine the current impact of your product in the market as well as gives you an idea about the unique selling points of your business. This way you are fully updated with the industry developments.

6. Market Research: As mentioned above, exhibiting in a Face to Face marketing media can easily be used as a resource for doing market research. It can give you full insights to all that is unique about your product along with its shortcomings and hence is very useful for providing a better approach to the business.

7. Interaction with Top Level Executives: Many of the people who visit the trade shows are industry leaders and executives who have the potential of being extremely lucrative clients as they in many cases represent big businesses with high purchasing power. By attracting the right kind of audience you can improve your business prospects but only participating in a few trade shows.

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