Exhibit in Europe

Every organization needs to market its products the right way to remain viable for long. Avoiding stagnation is one of the biggest challenges faced by many businesses today. International Exhibitions are one of the biggest platforms for face to face marketing, for they simultaneously allows you to reach the largest number of potential customers in the shortest possible time (most exhibitions last 3-4 days) as well as enable you to introduce your products to the world.

Even though International trade show exhibitions are highly effective in getting qualified leads, they are a time-consuming affair requiring substantial investment. Thus exhibitors need to be careful in selecting the trade shows they exhibit in, to get the maximum return on their investment.

Exhibitors looking to Exhibit their products internationally, the highly lucrative and expanding European market is the best place to begin. Europe with its plethora of trade shows ranging from pharmaceutical Exhibitions to Airshows attracts the kind of businesses that if marketed to correctly may provide unimaginable returns.

Here are some of the reasons that make the industry innovators Exhibit in Europe:

WHY Europe??

The biggest business platform:

Out of 1200 major trade show venues worldwide, more than 490 are located in Europe. Moreover, 12 of the largest trade show venues are based in Europe. Europe provides 48% of the 124 million sqm exhibition space rented around the world. Exhibit in Europe to take advantage of the largest and the most famous trade shows in the world.

Marketing Utopia:

With over 500 venues spread across the continent, Europe attracts more than 500,000 exhibitors from diverse industry backgrounds with the majority being international companies looking to expand into Europe. The sheer number of exhibitors makes Europe trendsetter in exhibit design innovation.

European trade shows see over 15 million attendees from all over the world ready to view the products being marketed and conduct business with the exhibitors. This high footfall in European exhibitions is a golden opportunity for Companies trying to establish themselves internationally to make their brand know all across the continent. High attendance along with the very robust economy of the European Union provides businesses which exhibit in Europe with many lucrative businesses opportunities.

The Cost Factor:

Europe, with its ever growing markets, is the most efficient place to market your services outside of the US.  The plentiful availability of skilled labor along with the lack of labor unions makes exhibiting in Europe extremely budget friendly.

Exhibits in Europe may even cost 70% less than their US counterparts. This coupled with the fact that exhibitions in Europe record the highest number of attendees, many of whom represent big businesses makes Europe a mecca of trade show exhibits.

Even though the designing, as well as construction of Booths in European trade shows, is more affordable than in the US, space rental fees may well offset the difference. The transportation, as well as storage of equipment or exhibition products, may cost a lot depending on the product being transported. Companies thatexhibit in Europe should also factor in the rental as well as transportation costs while budgeting for the exhibition.

The Exhibit Edge:

As is with trade shows in the US, exhibitions in Europe are highly competitive requiring exhibitors to customize their marketing strategy according to the specific cultural and business norms of the city where they plan to Exhibit.

We at boothconstructions.com are ready to assist you in doing just that. Our custom booth designs along with timely and cost efficient execution of your trade show booth make us the obvious choice among Exhibit houses. Our design team has helped design trade show booths for exhibitions all over Europe and are thus considered industry experts in the area.

We promise to deliver your trade show booth in a timely and cost-efficient fashion keeping in mind the specifics you want that reflect what you and your business stand for.