10 Things You Ought to Know About Maximizing Trade Show ROI

Let’s face the truth that most exhibitors who spend a good amount of money on the exhibitions do not lay enough emphasis on measuring if it was a success or not. They participate in it and just return without worrying if they were able to increase the ROI of the exhibit that they just displayed. During the planning phase, there are a lot of ideas and concepts on which an exhibitor shells out a lot of money but later on when it comes to evaluating if that amount was put to best use or not, they forget the measurement tactics and do not analyse the returns.

When asked for the reason behind not measuring the metrics, most exhibitors respond with “We were not asked to do it by the higher authority or management.” However, what they fail to understand is the fact that nobody will ask you for it because this draft is intended for your personal growth as an exhibitor. And that will also lead you to have the maximum ROI at your next exhibition.

So, here are 10 Things that you must know about maximising your trade show ROI.

1. Goals: Before knowing what you want in return to this investment made, as an exhibitor must know from where you started. Spin the time wheel a little back and think about the initial goal or objective that you had in your mind while planning for this exhibition.

2. Networking: Networking although is considered as one of the most crucial aspects of trade show ROI, one must know that it only counts if you network with right kind of people. Going out and meeting anybody without having a plan of action and target audience segmentation will lead you to only wasting your time.

3. Pitch: Being prepared and having your pitch to be delivered during the exhibition while on your booth is a must. Without that all your efforts will demeanour and you will have nothing to return to your company as an ROI.

4. Social Media Optimization: To maximise your exhibition stand’s revenue, you must have a good social media presence for your prospects to know about your brand. Along with that, with your social media channels, you have control on how ways to generate curiosity further propelling your leads to visit your exhibit for sure.

5. Measuring Competitor Plan: Maximising your returns is inversely proportional to how good the competitor might perform. If the competitor has a better space, a speaker gig and a lot of factors to grab the attention of the audience to his exhibit stand, then there is a good chance that you might fail or else, you must have a good plan B to compete with his plan.

6. Right Distribution Kits: Business kits have become an integral part of every exhibition and it is imperative to think of a freebie that gives you a lot of control on how to maximise your ROI. Your business kit must comprise of your product brochure, flyer, business card and other relevant material. There must also be a USB having the soft copies of all this information with your company branding and logos.

7. Media Bonding: Go ahead and ask the organiser for the invited media and invite them to your stand and review your product or service. Media holds a lot of potential in terms of giving your company credibility and reliability during an exhibition.

8. Marking Your Presence at Seminars: Most of the shows will have on-going seminars or conferences. Try and send a representative of your company to participate and network there. A lot of people who visit in the seminars are curious visitors who might need the right direction and having your representative there to guide them to your trade show stand will help you a lot in maximising your revenue.

9. Graphical Power & Digital Signage: Once you have established a good exhibit, the right kind of marketing graphics and digital signage is the most helpful tool in bringing the right clientele to your exhibit stand. So, use them efficiently and gain maximum output from it.

10. After Show: Once the exhibition is over, go ahead and blow your trumpets all over. Post and digitally market pictures, disseminate press release and fill up your website with testimonials and videos. This way you can assure maximum visibility and gain ROI after the show also.

Once you accomplish all these steps to maximise your ROI and see success in your exhibition, then you must RSVP early for the next trade show and have the maximum benefits of exhibiting there.

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