5 Questions That You Must Ask When Designing a Trade Show Booth

Designing Trade Show Booth

If you are exhibiting at a trade show and are having some doubts on preparing the perfect booth design brief, then we are here to clear out all your questions and confusions. Here are 5 must ask questions that you must answer before designing your next trade show booth.

1. Entry of the attendants: When giving your exhibit design company the design brief, you as an exhibitor must have the answer to this question that how do you want your attendees to enter the exhibition stand. Think like a visitor and decide that what will be the best entry according to your exhibit placement in the hall that attracts better perception. Once final, guide your exhibit design house about your plan but still take their suggestions into consideration.

2. Seating Arrangement: You must have a lounge area plan pre-defined in your mind. If your exhibit has open sitting, then the sitting should be at a proximity to the entry door. If an attendee enters your exhibit and sits in the lounge area, then there is a brighter chance for you to spend more time with the prospects as they are now in a more relaxed space. If your area is smaller, the process becomes easier.

3. Marketing Graphics: The signage and graphics that are included in your marketing must be impactful enough to attendees to your booth. This is also the easiest way to bring in the attendees and even passerby aware about your company and brand that leaves an amazing, memorable mark on them. As a design perception, vertical signage in markets tends to attract the viewers more, and a lot of companies opt for it. Whereas some companies have the belief that bigger the graphics the more attention, they will grab.

4. Branding Colours: It is said that the branding colors are the deciding factors of the exhibit attendance. The brand’s color scheme has everything that decides on how the exhibit design house will design the stand. We all know how colors have an impact on all the humans and their perception, so the color of your branding decides on the way your brains perceive particular colors.

5. Staff Placement: Before submitting your design brief, think of the placement of the staff and how you want them to be standing there at the stand. Once you are sure about the placement, add on your design brief the kind of needs and requirements you will have accordingly. They play a crucial role in your exhibit, so they should also be treated as important in the design’s decision-making process.

So now that you have all the clarity about the designing essentials prepare your design briefs and share it with us on

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