Ways to Make You Exhibit a Show Stopper with Design

Exhibit Design

You have been exhibiting now for quite many years and intend to take it up a little notch above this time by making your exhibit as the show stopper element of the exhibition? Then you have stumbled upon the right write-up. There are a lot of things that you can experiment with to be a show stopper especially when we talk about marketing tactics. However, in this article we will majorly focus on designing aspects to make you stand out of the rest in the exhibition arena. Here are 5 things that you can try to be the show stopper booth.

1. Go explore the digital space: Exhibition industry has always been embracing new technology with open arms and readily experiments with it. A lot of exhibitors have this tactic to introduce a distinguished gadget or technological aspect to their exhibit and make it stand out of the rest. Exploring that digital space and adopting a technology which the visitors are not exposed much can turn out to be an amazing factor. To choose from different technologies you can

2. Perfect the Design Engineering: Bring in an exhibit design house that understands the art of design engineering. Exhibitions are meant for experiential marketing and that experience is going to be incomplete without experiential designing. Knowing and understanding what the visitor wants and designing around that is definitely what will turn a lot of visitors to your stand. This also means that you have to give the visitor the brilliance of exhibit’s and product’s look and feel.

3. Storytelling is an Artwork: If your booth tells a story and describes something completely unique then there is nothing that can stop you from becoming a show stopper. To explain this better to you, you can read about how had designed amazing exhibit for Viraaj to be presented in Wire & Tube Exhibition in Dusseldorf. In that we created a story around the logo of the company of a Rising Bird and saw visitors having a lot of curiosity to understand the concept, hence, bringing a greater footfall to the booth.

4. Point of Attraction: Until & unless your booth does not have a point of attraction, you cannot expect to gain a lot show stopper effects from your stand. There has to be an element that stuns the visitors, inculcates a sense of curiosity in their minds and makes them contemplate that what this element means and what exactly is its significance here. This point of attraction can be anything starting from a technological device to a unique giveaway presented well in the exhibit design only.

5. Power of Personalization: If you have the power to personalize the exhibit with everything that links to your company and product then you will be able to excel really well in terms of having show stopping effects in the exhibition. When your design speaks for it and there is a sense of personalization in it, then the visitor is automatically dragged to your booth and shows great interest in your product.