Trade show success – Does your exhibitor have these qualities?


The skilled exhibitor is undeniably a powerful resource to make your trade show a success. He plays a crucial role in handling attendees, keeps them engaged and makes them believe the reliability of your offer.

In view of how important an exhibitor is for your trade show’s success, there are certain qualities every exhibitor must endow, like personality, understanding of the brand and ability to keep attendees engaged.


To reflect a branded impression, an exhibitor’s personality should not just have the appealing physical appearance, but he must show compliance with the dress code, hygienic and department. So to say, exhibitors must maintain impeccable personality conducts not involving anything tantamount to ‘out of courtesy’ body language for visitors.

For instance, an exhibitor inclined to text or talking on the phone in the presence of attendees will most certainly represent your brand negatively. He is not a perfect fit for your trade exhibition.

The body language of your exhibitors must be cordial and accommodating. Ask them behave with a professional attitude and do not engage into futile gossips that may give a clumsy message to others.

Considering the lifespan of the trade exhibition and if there is a requirement for a rotational shift of exhibitors, make sure you have a good number of staffs to cover for other ones during breaks. This will ensure that the exhibition stand is not short-staffed, or there is somebody attending the visitors. An attended stand is a sign of unprofessional business conduct.

Knowledge of brand

The virtue of great exhibitor lies in his knowledge of the brand he is representing at a trade show.

Staffs at exhibition stand must exhibit a sense of enthusiasm and comprehension about the products/services being marketed for target prospects. One better idea is to educate your staffs with salient points or USPs of your products and services. This will help them resolve the queries of attendees. Moreover, the staffs must be familiar with the core competency of your brand and what makes it stand out from the rest.

This sort of knowledge should not be just theoretical. Your staffs must be eloquent to prove what you offer in a genuine and convincing way. To increase the brand experience for visitors, ask your staffs to offer takeaways like swag or print material.

A well-informed exhibitor is the successful representative of your business.

Keeping visitors engaged

One of the most difficult tasks for exhibitors at trade shows is to keep visitors/clients engaged. This is because you deal with people driven by feelings which change in fleeting seconds.

The potential clients directly deal with the brand and the company. Therefore, the staff at exhibition stand must represent your brand enthusiastically, confidently, and with the total understanding of your brand. Engagement can be improved through proper body language involving amiable facial expressions.

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