Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Exhibition Booth for CPhI 2016

CPhI Worlwide Trade Show Stand Design

Convention on Pharmaceuticals Ingredients aka CPhI is going to take place in Barcelona, Spain and is scheduled from 4th October to 6th October 2016. One of the biggest conventions in the exhibition industry that takes place every year is an exhibition to which every pharma-related company looks forward to for active participation and every time there is a huge humdrum around the same with new design engineering displayed every year. has been a part of CPhI since past consecutive 5 years now, and we have always excelled with our perfection in designs and outlook to cater to the pharma industry. Although we can conveniently say that CPhI does not have any fixed protocols to follow, we will give you a brief on how to brief your exhibit designer on your next CPhI exhibit.

1. Custom Exhibition Stands: As CPhI is held in Barcelona, the concept of custom exhibition stands is more prevalent here. The pharma and labs tend to take a lot of areas and build exhibition stands with elaborative setup and unique design features. With living spaces divided into sections to promote and encourage casual networking, the entire exhibition enchants the newest design trends always. Although it totally depends on your budget, if you can afford to purchase a bigger area in CPhI and make full use of the exhibit design and innovation.

2. Corporate Stand Design: Although every brand governs its color selection depending on their marketing modes, shades of blue when incorporated in a setup always give a corporate appeal. When we designed for Dr. Reddy, the theme was violet and white as their logo speaks of the same color. This gives the exhibit a clean, clinical look and appeal as the industry demands.

3. Teak finish: The pharma industry embraces the teak wood finish in the floors. The dark shades, when combined with the colors of the logos, give the design an intriguing factor to the attendees. The essence of corporate appeal and the modern design aesthetics should be the ideal way to exhibit. However, if your designer has some specific theme based design that brings in a twisted innovative factor to the booth and at the same time also matches to the industry norms, then you must go for it and sync-in the change.

4. Bigger Areas: In CPhI, the exhibitors usually dot on a larger sqm area and have a lot of room for experimenting with designs. But usually, we have seen companies sticking to contemporary designs and aim at adding and modifying the approach by experimenting only in setup format of the exhibit tweaking it a little from the past. Also depending upon the area and budget, the exhibitors opt for a lot of suspensions in their exhibit and try to incorporate the standout factor from those suspensions. Most companies stick to logo suspensions while some go for giving it a twisted touch.

5. Meeting Rooms & Furnishings: As discussed, the area is bigger, so there is a lot of space to incorporate meeting rooms and cafétarias. Some exhibitors also have a bar area and open networking space to attract the visitors to connect over drinks whilst using their exhibit booth. This also helps them with branding. In accordance to the professional setup, the furnishings adapted are also in a very elite set up, and generally, companies use cushioned seating (and no chairs) in their exhibit.

So now that we have given you a fair idea of the exhibit design, you can send us your RFQs here.

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