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Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Exhibition Booth for CPhI 2016

Convention on Pharmaceuticals Ingredients aka CPhI is going to take place in Barcelona, Spain and is scheduled from 4th October to 6th October 2016. One of the biggest conventions in the exhibition industry that takes place every year is an exhibition to which every pharma-related company looks forward to for active participation and every time there is a huge humdrum around the same with new design engineering displayed every year. BoothConstructions.com has been a part of CPhI since past consecutive…

Top Benefits Trade Shows can Give to Your Business

Since the trade show came to its objective manifestation in the business world, the marketers embraced it as one of the cost-efficient channels to promote or sell their products and services. Very soon this trade-show-based marketing became a worldwide phenomenon, with companies and brands integrating this offline marketplace with powerful social media and online technologies. Even in this age of all-inclusive digital technology, the ubiquitous presence of trade show is proof that it is one of the best mediums for…

CPhI: Powering Pharmaceuticals Industry

As global pharmaceuticals leaders gather in Europe on October 4th to October 6th in Barcelona Spain, the CPhI exhibition aims at driving growth at every step of pharma supply chain management from discovering a drug to the frequency of dosage. The focus of the show is on serving the pharma industry to excel into business opportunities and growth market. CPhI exhibition brings more than 36,000 pharma professionals every year and helps them expand their network by identifying the best opportunities…