Secret behind Happy Exhibitors: Happy Customer

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If you are an exhibitor at one of the upcoming industry exhibitions, then we have cracked the simple code to your happiness, and it is the real happiness of your customers. In every show, the first and foremost motive of every exhibitor is and should be a satisfied, happy customer who is also a new lead to your business. The chief reason for an exhibitor to be presenting at a show is to drive and maximize their sales and gain maximum ROI for their business. However, in this process what they forget to focus upon is the fact that at the exhibition there are a lot of probable visitors who are your prospective future buyers or customers. Hence, the diversion of exhibitor’s brain starts to drain from the site of the probable buyer and gets completely overshadowed by a current customer. Although the point of focus here is that both the visitors are of utmost importance to you and nobody should be facing any negligence from your end. We understand that this is too much of a task to cater to keeping in mind the limited time frame and resources available at the exhibit stand. The point to be noted here is that you just do not have to neglect your future prospects.

Almost 78% of the visitors visit the exhibition to take inspiration get ideas and learn new things. These visitors are the ones who are on a lookout for a perfect setup to invest their money and business. So if they are so much on a keen sight towards the product and industry how can you as an exhibitor not focus on them? You must put your best foot forward to retain them and bring them in the next exhibition as your future client.

Achieving this task:

Understanding the vitality of both the clients, we derived out the most genuine and at ease solution to this issue. We tapped the most vital nerve of any audience at an exhibition which is to create a real engagement scenario. If your visitor is busy in the exhibition at your booth, there is no way that in future there will be no brand recall value. If a person has invested some time at your stand, then there is a reason for the same, and that is the level of engagement that you are providing to that person. That is precisely where your exhibit stand designers come into the picture again. This planning and responsibility are extended towards you during the initial planning and briefing session at the event where you ensure that your exhibit designer keeps this as one of your chief goals to ensure maximum engagement at the stand. Your bespoke stand should be gauging enough for the visitor that even if you are not on the stand to be interacting with the client, your stand should be descriptive enough to do it for you.

Gauging Deeper:

Adding elements like posters, brochures, magazines and informational material for your visitor’s reference is an extension to the kind of engagement that you have been working for. Also, adding to this one must ensure that your exhibit has a newer and a fresh approach year after year. A repetition of the ideas or the concept causes the visitor to lose a straight out interest. has always pushed on focusing on the power of a twist and fresh creativity and keeping up to date with the newest trends and growth developments with the industry. That is exactly what keeps your audience occupied at your stand and established a brand recall value in the minds of prospective clients for future buying and business opportunities.

To sum it all, just realize that in this age of customers, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement with their clients. The secret of better future is to not to focus on the old but investing all your energy into building new. Be it new customer relations or new paradigms in your work function. Adoption is the key!

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