Is Trade Show Still Important for Companies?

To answer the question precisely: Yes, indeed!

Approximately 40% Business-To-Business (B2B) companies tend to take a big shot in trade shows. There are quite a large number of such believers who appreciate trade show as an efficient marketplace that does justice to their ROI (Return On Investment) compared to other channels for marketing products/services.

How does trade show help you?

Knowledge: Trade show helps your target visitors or customers get the experience of your brand, thus expanding your brand’s reach to a large clients’ base, a unique benefit not easily obtainable from other marketing channels. Moreover, it is the trade show that offers a great opportunity for learning and branding, which means to have the privilege of understanding how others (your competitors in this context) promote business. Brands develop knowledge through personal interaction with real customers.

Branding: Companies, especially the small sized ones, get the salient benefit from trade show – they learn how to brand their product/service. So to say, these companies use trade shows to spread awareness of their brand to let prospects know that they (companies) exist. Internet marketing for brand awareness is surely a great tactic to use, but it is not as much effective compared to the trade show which offers you a reliable platform to interact with different types of clients, even Fortune 500 clients. That said, branding through trade fairs, in all likelihood, yield spontaneous response from the prospects.

Befriending: Trade show is a great platform to befriend with fellow exhibitors, especially those who are not your competitors. Even with competitors, you can indulge in healthy competition as the trade show is a platform offering an equal opportunity for every brand to market its product/service.

Experts say, befriending with non-competing exhibitors increase the chance of getting new customers on the recommendation of your befriended exhibitors. For instance, if you are selling a product, say X, while your fellow neighbor offers the service, say Y. Imagine a customer looking for X product stumbles upon the seller of service, Y (your fellow exhibitor); there is fair chance that your befriended exhibitor will recommend your service to the customer.

Yes, it totally depends on your rapport with your exhibitor/s. Moreover; such type of relationship is often reciprocal. Mind that.

What do you need to understand?

The most important part to get the most out of a trade show is a lot of pre-show preparations. If you manage to avoid certain trade show mistakes, the likelihood of success for your show will double.

Exhibiting at the trade show is a worth investing opportunity for companies, considering the benefits it offers to brands. Most importantly, you interact with clients from different nations, thus giving your brand a kind of global exposure. If you do it right, you reap lots of benefits. Brands mostly hire exhibition booth contractors for the service about custom booth stand design to promote product/service effectively.

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