Breaking the Myth: Size Matters in Trade Shows

trade show stand size

So today, we want to break every body’s myth in the trade show industry that originated out of nowhere that small exhibits do not make much humdrum in the trade shows and are not as impactful as the exhibits with bigger areas. Sorry to break this to you BIG GIANTS but that is not true. For that matter, in our experience of 10 years, we have often seen big giants opting for smaller area stands. They are different since they are already big companies that are a brand name amongst the audience, but even if you are a new company planning to exhibit in for the first time and have a budget constraint not to spend on bigger areas, then also we have solutions for you. These solutions will make your small exhibit also stand out of the rest and you will be able to leave a mark on the attendees.

Here’s how you can achieve it:

1. Brilliant Welcome Counter: Even if there is a space crunch in your exhibit, go for an attention grabbing welcome counter. This counter should be utilizing the façade of your stand judiciously and should have a great booth design. Investing on designing when the area is small is a smart exhibitor’s choice as they understand that only designing is their savior. Also, with good designing, ensure that the staff that you employee on the entry desk is warm and welcoming and can ensure attendee’s engagement at the exhibit.

2. The power of Digital Literature: Instead of going paper graphics, you should utilize the space with digital power and literature. This not only saves on your budget spent on graphic printing and drayage costs, but it also ensures that your audience plays an active role by exploring your e-literature and the best part of it all, it saves on all the trouble of ensuring whether the attendee carries it home or not? Since it is a digital copy, you can mail it to them on the spot and ensure that they remember you during follow-ups.

3. Install Charging Plug Points: This is a smart choice for the exhibitors with small booth area. Every attendee visits the trade show with a phone, and there is big chance that mostly their battery drains out. So if you install plug points and allow these visitors to charge on your booth, you are expanding your chances for an easy face to face connection with them. If you can do this correctly, then you are scoring high on the attendee count during the trade show for sure!

4. Digital Access: Always keep your trade show staffers alert and hand them a tablet each. Just after their opening pitch, they should hand over the tablet to the attendee and should begin explaining the product to them. This way, your exhibition area has nothing to do with your sales pitch and your attendee is also engrossed in your sales pitch. Isn’t it brilliant method?

5. Video Displays with Verbal Pitching: Install wall displays on your exhibit and start pitching in looking at them after your sales team has brought in some visitors from the tablet. Once they do this task, take over from them from there and start explaining the project to them verbally as your exhibit runs a video on the wall. This way not only you are well utilizing your space, but also ensuring an uncluttered and convenient pitch to the visitors.

So fret not just because you have a small trade show stand. Trust us, size has nothing to do with exhibitions!

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