6 ‘To-Do’s’ for Your Trade Show Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

It is always a pressing need for exhibitors to be a standout at the trade show.

They ponder upon “what to do” and even re-engineer previous strategies to devise new and viable ones; just to ensure their next trade show is a grand hit. While there are some brands that steal the show across the exhibition hall through their unique offers and sales aptitude, there are also those brands which fail to get broader spotlight compared to their relatively better trade show neighbors.

While there may be some reasons behind NOT retaining the visitors or getting poor leads contrary to the expectations, the shortfall in the early preparation of the show is often the key contributor of an unsuccessful branding at the event. It explains the necessity of pre-planning, and here’s top selected ‘to-do’s’ checklists that will help you do it better for your next trade show.

Checklist # 01 > Learn from the competitors

Get familiar with your booth neighbors; learn from them the number of trade shows they attended past year, how the experience was and what they learnt. If you cultivate a good rapport with them, there is a fair chance you will have their cordial answers.

Who knows maybe next time you earn better-qualified leads

Checklist # 02 > Great booth design

If you want to be good at your (trade) show, you need to have something greater to get yourself or your brand represented well. Therefore, take a good look on your exhibition booth design. Make sure if it is impressive enough to drive attention of the attendees.

You can call for exhibition booth contractor to have a great stand for your purpose.

Checklist # 03 > Call to action message

People at the trade shows are drawn to a particular stand through its call to action marketing or brand message. Ensure if your booth qualifies to deliver such a convincing message to your prospects. If not, it’s time you employed a strategist to get it done. The call to action message must be brief and self-explanatory of what you do as a brand.

Checklist # 04 > Overlooking visitors

If the visitors find you busy with your computer, phone or anything that may signal you are oblivious to their presence, then you will lose attentions. Don’t avoid visitors as it signals you are disregarding their presence around your exhibition booth. Instead, acknowledge them, engage with them conversationally, and explain to them of your offer without imposing sales pitch.

Checklist # 05 >Uncluttered booth

Never keep your stand untidy and disorderly-looking place for the visitors. They will think of you as an undisciplined brand promoter, something very baneful for your brand’s image. Some brands, for example, prefer bespoke exhibition stand to customize their booth in conjugation with visitors’ visual preference. You can consider this option to facilitate the influx of visitors to your booth.

Checklist # 06 > Customers-knowhow

How much do you know of the people turning up to your show?

It’s an important point you need to consider before appearing for a trade show.

You need to understand your customers, their wants, preferences and what may drive them to your booth. Do not focus on everyone. All the visitors will not serve your purpose. Concentrate on those who are real and targeted clients.

Make this checklist and ensure you are very much aware of your potential clients to meet with at your next trade show.

Some renowned exhibition booth designers can help you out with this, as they understand psychology of people in relation to their attraction to a particular stand. Consult such designers.

Over to you.

The trade show checklists mentioned above will guide you step by step about what you need to do for your upcoming trade show. Considering such event to be an expensive venture, it is rational of an exhibitor to have some meticulous strategies readymade beforehand. The checklists in the blog will hopefully facilitate in preparing a better strategy for your future trade show.

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