5 Ways to Perfect Your 1st Impression in Trade Show

Exhibit at the trade showThere are only a few exhibitors who understand the worth of 1st impressions. People fail to realize that it is seldom that you get to make a second impression, and all it counts is the first one, especially when it comes down to trade shows. So while a lot of exhibitors might make an effort and try to put their best foot forward while making an impression, some think that they have some scope of improvement and can recover it with other aspects. However, that is not the case. There are a few things that can make a long lasting and good first impression, so use them to their optimum powers and make a stronger 1st impression.

1. Product Power: Your product is the life of your exhibit at the trade show. So never underestimate the power of your product. Only if and when your product will have qualities and features to stand out of the rest, you will be a WOW factor in the trade show. A lot of people say it’s about the design and the staff, and we do not say that they don’t have the potential to make an effort. But we see things realistically and tell you that although the staff and exhibit design might attract your attendees if the product does not suit their needs & requirements then there is nothing major that can influence the attendee.

2. Design Influence: We cannot say it enough that how much your exhibit design is important to create a great first impression. You need to put in your suggestions and inputs and be a part of the design making process with your exhibit design house. Ask them to update you with every progress and when their team goes out for operational execution; send out a representative from your company to overlook the project. This process must be followed when you are working with a design house for the first time. This way you are ensuring a good stand design and further an excellent first impression on your attendees.

3. Team and Staff: Being the face of the company during the show, they are the people who will be going out to your attendees after the design of the booth has created an impact on them. So you must ensure that when you are picking on your booth staffers, they are reliable and impactful people who are willing to work as a team. Motivate them to work the exhibition together out and make everything move forward. Tell them “let us make a successful show together.” This way they will feel like a part of the team, and you can make a good 1st verbal interaction.

4. Pitching Efforts: Once all these above-mentioned aspects are worked upon, the sales pitch that you have is going to take your returns high. You must practice your sales pitch well again and again in your mind, and that will be your saving factor for that last effort towards putting the best foot forward in making the first impression. The sales pitch must comprise of two factors: Influential and Memorable. Influential enough to persuade your attendee to move ahead with the decision-making process and memorable enough to remind them of you the next time you follow up with them.

5. Management Vitality: All these things will sync in together only when you as an exhibitor manage to inculcate all the management skills in you starting from time management to finance management and team management.

Now that you know the roadway to perfect 1st impression make sure that you end up making one in your upcoming exhibition.

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