5 Simple Ways to Achieve Sales Lead in Trade Show

Who does not love perfect sales leads when presenting at a trade show? The experience of having that new business card in our hand who we know deep in the heart would be a good prospective sale, becomes the highlight moment of the trade show for us. The aim of every brand and company is to aspire for better sales and generate positive results towards the growth and that purpose is achieved by better and filtered sales leads. So, here are a few quick tips to generate good and filtered sales leads while presenting at the exhibition.

1. The Pre-Preparation: Planning a show is a long and involving process that requires a lot of in advance planning and preparations. So goes for the pre-planning of generating of the sales lead. Although there might be several prospects that would come to your exhibit for the 1st time without any prior knowledge, you must ensure that you already capture the ones who know you. The pre-preparation stage of any sales lead includes strategizing and filtering your previous client database. Send them out invites, mailers among other things to ensure that they do visit your booth stand once they are there at the trade show.

2. Picture Perfect Pitch: When at the exhibition, have the perfect plan of action to bring in maximum visitors at your stand. Think of innovative ways by which you can drive visitors’ attention to your exhibit and once you have that attention, gaining sales becomes a much easier process. The best way to earn the maximum interest of the visitors is by creating an impressive demo that spirits your brand and company along with the desired objective. Once the visitor understands your product, the prospects of them change to lead doubles in no time.

3. The Invitation: Your exhibition booth must have the power to look like an inviting place for your prospective visitors. The inviting design essentially propagates the concept of having your booth designed in a new and innovative essence that drives the viewer’s attention. You must ensure that the design does not look too cluttered and leaves ample space for the visitor to experience the product or engage with you in beautiful surroundings. Nowadays, a lot of exhibition booth designing companies are placing too much of furniture in the design which makes the movement of the visitor difficult in the exhibition stand and further also leads to putting off their interest in your exhibit.

4. Strengthening Network Powers: As an exhibitor, you must realise the fact that all exhibitions are a B2B medium of procuring sales. Hence, although graphics and designing along with social media presence help in marketing and branding of the company, the final sale is achieved by networking only. You must concentrate on building a lot of personal connects by engaging and interacting with visitors. Explain to them what you are here for and what you want from them in the easiest possible sales pitch (which must not sound like a sales pitch). Along with that ensure that you’re also pally with your neighbours as they may have some visitors who they might sway your way if they do not find the right or desired product in their stand. These can be major lead generation ways.

5. Followed by Follow-ups: After you are back from the trade show, you must realise that those are the most crucial days to drive sales and generate revenues. You must consume this time in following up with the prospects who attended and interacted with you during the exhibitions. It might be that you do not procure sales from them right there and then but a strong follow-up session helps in further building and nurturing client-company bond, which may lead to a future sale.

To sum it up, achieving sales lead at an exhibition is not a difficult task because it has a direct correlation with the perfection of your pre and post-show strategy and execution.

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