3 Best Ways to Cut Down Your International Exhibition Budget

When you are planning to exhibit in an International Exhibition there are a lot of constraints on the budget front that you might have to face as an exhibitor. The chances of these budget issues increase two fold in case you are planning to exhibit for the first time.

Having said that, the pressure on the exhibitor also increases and expectations for the return on investment goes higher with higher investments in the international exhibition project. So when you are exhibiting in a foreign land, then you must ensure that the given budget for the exhibit is optimized to its full powers. This way you can ensure that you give a good performance.

Three best ways to save on your international exhibition budget:

Save Your International Exhibition Budget

1. Going for a stand in the Pavilion: When going to an International land, connect with the organizer and ask if there is a country pavilion of your country. In a pavilion, getting an exhibit stand is easier and cheaper. This is the smartest way to budget exhibiting since you save on the cost and at the same time you can also ensure that the exhibit that you have gets visual attention from the attendees since it is build in an enormous country pavilion which can easily score a lot of eyeballs during the trade show. This can also be one of the smartest ways to drag better ROI since in a way you are feeding on lower investment but generating better revenues.

However, country pavilions are a bit stricter on the rules and regulations with guidelines that they give you to follow. So, before going out and hanging your company’s logo on the exhibit, confirm on the stipulated guidelines and adhere to them completely.

2. Opting in for Shell Scheme: When you go in for a shell scheme, the options that you can opt for a range from 3 x 3 exhibit design to 3 x 6 square metres. These shell schemes require comparatively lower investment on designing. These kinds of stands are essentially for the newbies who are exhibiting for the 1st time. In the 1st time, you generally want to take the look and feel of a particular exhibition and analyze the entire business scenario at the particular trade show. This way you are not investing too much money into getting that experience and you can well analyze the entire ongoing aura of the trade show.

In a shell scheme although your exhibit stand might not receive all the visual attention, yet you are budgeting in a limited cost and hence, achieving ROI is easier in this case than in other bigger area stand with a lot of monetary investments in designing and outsourcing exhibit designer.

3. Modular Stand is way to go: When you go to Modular Exhibit Stands, you also choose on a way to go lighter in terms of exhibit designs and the materials being used. It cuts down on every charge that is applicable on custom exhibit design starting from the shipping charges, the transportation charge, the installation & dismantling charge and also the basic cost that is used to build a modular stand.

Request your exhibit designer to submit 2-3 options for modular stand design and then choose on the one which is visually appealing and at the same time is also a counterproductive design in terms of budget. But when choosing on a modular exhibit stand, you must always in advance plan on the charges and shipping rules and regulations. This way you will have a clear plan of action for the exhibition and on an efficient cost.

So now that you know the way to budget your international exhibition, you can easily score a successful trade show. For getting a budget exhibit design house on-board for your next exhibition, reach out to us HERE.

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