The USP Concept of Trade Show and How to Use it

USP defines how you stand unique from your competitors in a marketplace. It explains key features and benefits your brand has. Therefore, it is wise to exercise caution how to maximize USP concept for your next trade show. Most importantly, it is good to know USP of your brand and how to use it to earn maximum footfalls.

If you are clueless about USP of your brand, questions like “who you are, what is that makes your brand unique, how you will excel your competitors” will help you understand that.
One ideal way to figure it out is to relay similar questions to different departments, asking each to answer the questions. Judge what makes your brand special based on those feedbacks.

Using USP concept for trade show

To represent brand’s goals or sell products/services on exhibition booth stand, you need to implement USP of your brand. For starters, be specific what you advertize and make sure that the proponent of your ad is crystal clear and persuasive.

The challenging task at trade shows is to outwit competitors, and what could be better than emphasizing substantive values of your USP?

Yes, you heard it right.

Highlight salient features or what makes your product/service substantive.

For example, if you are promoting a brand new car, telling your customers ‘extended mileage in less fuel’ would be one of the USPs of the vehicle. Tell your prospects the salient features of your product/service.

The best USP sticks out the uniqueness of your product/service.

Be authentic in your claim for the sake of not getting misunderstood. To claim uniqueness of your product over others needs valid reasoning. Exaggeration would only demean credibility of your claim. Also, the USP of your product needs to be strongly represented to drive new customers.

It would be helpful if you understand what triggers interest from visitors at trade shows. Survey likes and dislikes of customers for a product/service prior to the trade show. Make a strategy and use the information to your benefit., in its 25 years of continued existence, has been able to understand your needs for perfect booth design. From custom trade show booth design to modular exhibition design, encompassing a whole gamut of exceptional stand designs; our service is unrivaled because of the novelty we bring to it. Our cost-effective service adds real values to your trade shows.