Trade Show Booth Types: Choosing the Right Kind of Exhibit

As trade show booth designers, we are asked to work on Custom Exhibition Stands or Modular Exhibition Stand. However, having years of experience we hope that the clients consult the exhibit design before deciding whether to choose on a custom stand or modular stand. As expert designers, we are trained well enough to work within the given budgets and prices.

Trade Show Booth Types

4 factors that you must consider before finalizing on trade show booth types:

1. Evaluate the Frequency:

Before jumping to a conclusion, you must carefully determine the frequency of the exhibit that you are going to use. Custom exhibits being unique and designed with the different type of materials can be used only once. So, if you want the same exhibit to be displayed at different places, then you must go for a modular stand design. It is reconfigurable, and the ease of the installation and dismantling procedure makes it a better choice for re-usable.

2. Location of the Exhibition:

This is a very crucial factor when it comes to deciding on custom or modular stand. In Europe, the more common design setup is custom exhibition stand, as the labor charges are comparatively less when compared to the US, the custom booths are easy to maintain and do not cost much. While in the United States the presence of labor unions and environmental regulations make modular stands more affordable

3. Look & Feel vs. Convenience:

Custom exhibition stands always have an edge in design flexibility as your exhibit designer has the liberty to innovate. So if you want to build a unique marketing model, then custom stand should be your choice. Whereas, modular exhibition stands are favored because they do not require much time or effort to install and dismantle.

4. Logistics and Management:

When it comes to transportation, custom exhibition stands tend to be heavier and are expensive to ship and move. So, before choosing a trade show booth type, you must already evaluate  the budget and accordingly fit in the cost of the entire project. The major cost incurred in the custom exhibit is the transportation because of which a lot of exhibitors switch to modular. With that the construction time and cost incurred is also comparatively higher when it comes to custom exhibition stands vs. modular exhibition stand.

Trade Show Booth Types Features:

Modular Exhibition Stand:

• Lightweight.
• More configurable.
• Ease of changing signage and graphics.
• Lesser Transportation expense.
• Higher Mobility
• Overall less expensive to purchase, own and use.

Custom Exhibition Stand:

• Promotes unique brand strategy and personality.
• An incorporate theme without structural limitations.
• Allows use of varied exhibit materials.
• Offers greater design creativity and flexibility.
• Flexibility for creative originality, effective product integration.
• Projects a strong and innovative corporate position.

No matter what trade show booth types you decide on, our teams at stand ready to provide you with the best exhibit design solutions be it custom or modular.

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