Does Your Exhibition Booth Stand have Storytelling Effects?

“Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”- Hannah Arendt

Storytelling is the science of imprinting pictures on the minds of others. A book with perfect stories makes grand sales. Whether it is writing books or representing business, compelling stories create far-reaching effects for your target audiences/prospects. Therefore, when it comes to promoting products and services in an offline marketplace like a trade show, it is important to have your stand convincing storytelling effects.

What do you think of the worldwide success of Lords of the Rings trilogy written by J. R. R. Tolkien?

Well, for those who have read the books and liked them, the conclusion is self-explanatory. It is a compelling story that made those books success worldwide. A similar conclusion can be made for J.K Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ novels. These books are acknowledged for their telling effects of the stories.

The benefits of exhibition booth stand with storytelling effects:

Authenticity – If your exhibition stand has storytelling effect, it would create a personable and relatable attachment for visitors with your products/services. Moreover, the storytelling will lend credibility on your offer being represented. It increases the authenticity of your trade exhibition as well.

Engagement – If the sense of boredom tiptoes into the mind of your visitors, in no likelihood could you be able to convince them into trusting your offer. This is what underlines the importance of storytelling. It explains to your prospects the narrative of your product’s messages or your brand’s goals. It helps to plan your messages into prospect’s brains. Soon you get an influx of visitors to your exhibition booth stand which concludes the profound impact of storytelling if you do it smartly.

Foot traffic – If your exhibition booth stand has the compelling storytelling effects, there is sound probability you get to experience an increased footfalls at the stand. Yes, it is entirely dependent on eloquence, knowledge and communication skill of your stand staff. The logic behind this recommendation is that your potential leads are human beings driven by emotions.

Scientists claim that certain words or sights directly hit the brain cells and trigger an emotional response. Ensure to have spectacular trade booth design, create ‘inviting’ ambience, and make sure words and phrases on your banners are persuasive.