Top 5 trade show mistakes

Trade Show Do's & Don't

To create a definite success for your trade show is a very challenging task. At some points, you make mistakes that cost you of the coveted success. It is true that experience is the mother of all knowledge, and so is the advice from someone experienced at trade shows. It is worth the deal as you get to understand some Don’ts for the intended trade shows.

Top five trade show mistakes:

Mistake # 01 – It’s your mistake to get preoccupied with how to get more leads than understanding who your qualified prospects are. This sort of error will be the reason for overshadowing your expectations for desired success at the trade exhibition.

Quality leads always outweigh their quantity.

Mistake # 02 – Not planning for a trade show in advance is another mistake one must avoid. If you attend trade show only because you were asked to, then you will lack the required commitment and enthusiasm for representing your brand message/goals at trade fairs.

Mistake # 03 – Do not simply emphasize the importance of products or services that accentuate values of your name and keep the rest out of the visual reach of visitors. Instead, keep all the elements in such order that customers get objectives of your brand at first sight.

Mistake # 04 – Not getting active on social media is another mistake to avoid always. Though most companies have huge fan followers on their social media pages, they forget to harness this leverage to their benefit. Don’t be like them. Be proactive and get to know tradeshow activities one or two months in advance. Set up Twitter events for trade activities, use the hashtag, be familiar with hot topics and follow top influencers on social media. Your ubiquitous presence on social media lands your intended trade show in the main spotlights.

Mistake # 05 – Getting your trade show attended by amateur staff is a futile endeavor to get leads or earn footfalls at shows. Make sure your team is qualified, and they know well about your brand and understand how to represent it persuasively.

Put your show’s planning on the forefront before you attend it. There is no grave mistake compared to attending trade shows without perfect plans at your disposal.

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