Questions to Ask your Trade Show Booth Designer When Choosing on Custom or Modular Exhibition Stand

Questions to ask from your Trade Show Booth Designer

Ques.How much will the Trade Show booth weigh?

Ans. Among too many reasons on why to choose custom exhibition stand vs. modular exhibition stands, the most important reason is the logistic cost that most of the exhibitors consider as their top priority. And when it comes to thinking about logistics, modular stands always are a preferred choice for the light-weight material used to build them and the factor of less experimentation with the designing aspect. They are as simple as that you roll them over, and they are dismantled. However, when it comes to unique value, the custom exhibit stand always wins over in the distinguished designing abilities and flexibility given to the designer. So, as per your budget and requirements, you must ask your trade show booth designer to give you the best solution.

Ques. How will the shipment be packed?

Ans. Confirm with your trade show booth designer if your stand will be marked as checked, oversized, or carry-on luggage. If you can ship the exhibit on your own (as luggage) to the trade show venue, you can save on a lot of big bucks of shipping cost. And if you can decide the exhibits shipping mode, then you will also in advance know the possible challenges, concerns, and limitations. It is always better to ask questions about the materials being used for building the exhibit so that the weight is reduced and cut down. If the materials are hollow or made of materials like aluminum which are lighter in nature, then it will be easier to transport. So your trade show designer must know it all to ensure that they give you the best service.

Ques. What are the labor charges? Are they included in the quotation sent to you?

Ans. Modular stand designs are easy to set up and do not require any tools and labors whereas, which can cost you less time and money. Inquire about the maximum number of hours needed to set up your trade show booth. Depending on this, your labor charges will be decided on and are these charges separate or already included in the quotation sent by the trade show booth designer.

Ques.Will the exhibit be reconfigurable?

Ans. Some exhibits open to an unchangeable size, and others feature components that can be modified. To accommodate various sizing needs, your exhibit’s size requirements should be flexible and for this, you will require a portable property with some built-in flexibility. So, checking on the reconfiguration of the exhibit is very essential and how many numbers of times this exhibit can be used is also important for the exhibitor.

Ques. What will be the delivery TAT for the exhibit?

Ans. While these questions may seem obvious, but having a clarity of thought process and planning accordingly is essential for your trade show to become a success story. If the exhibit delivery TAT is delayed, then how will you be able to achieve the desired ROI for your company? So in advance confirm with your exhibitor about the number of days the exhibit will need to be finally erected.

Ques. How will you furnish it and what will be the charges of it?

Ans. The trade show booth designers sometimes promise fully-furnished and cushioned furnishings, however, deliver low-quality furniture. This demeanor the brand name of the exhibitor. Hence, it is always better that you ask the designer in advance and ensure they deliver as promised.

Ques. What kind of graphic design services will you provide?

Ans. Graphic design is a very important aspect of the exhibit but sometimes overlooked by the trade show booth  designer. So it must be a part of your booth purchasing. You only have a split second to capture attendees’ attention at an event, so the design of your graphics – not to mention the entire structure is of paramount importance to the success of your booth.

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