A Primer to Exhibitor Success in 10 Easy Steps

exhibitor success

We have been giving you some tips on how to be a successful exhibitor ever since and those tips range from every step that you need to take in your pre-planning to how you can measure the success of your trade show post the exhibition. So now that you have gone through all those success secrets, we present to you a small gist of all those points that will make you climb the success ladder and give you a successful flourishing business in the exhibition arena. So, here is our primer for success in 10 easy steps that you can jot down as your checklist:

1. Be an Early Bird: You must ensure that you book your exhibit stand early as an early bird not only brings you a discount but also gives you a huge window to start promoting and preparing for the exhibit. Also, organizers ensure special privileges for the early bookings, and you can take advantage of all of them with just being prompt.

2. Chase the Deadlines: Bring home the organizer’s manual and thoroughly go through each and every deadline. Based on the organizer’s deadlines, devise your plan of action and set your deadlines like when you will finalize the design to when will you ship the products. Everything must be on your close watch.

3. Promotion & Marketing: Begin promoting and marketing for the show as soon as you confirm your participation. Disseminate the press release, get active on the social media and start sharing your participation stories well in advance months. This will build the exhibition’s momentum for your audience and prospects. If you have arranged for the database from the organizer, then use it and make sure that you target them in every way possible for promotions.

4. Pre-preparation’s Value: Always know that the complete success that comes during the trade show is the result of your pre-planning. So, once you are determined with the objectives, your pre-planning should accelerate 4 months before the show and start freezing on things with effect.

5. Quality Emphasis: Please ensure that your major focus is on delivering quality and not quantity. Do not go for participation in every exhibition, instead, prioritize your exhibitions and then make sure that you choose on the right shows and only focus on them. Diminishing the quality for quantity is never the right choice.

6. Budget Cutting vs. Budget Optimizing: Please stop focussing on methods to cut down on budget and instead devise plans to optimize the budgets. Do not compromise on the budget allotted to the exhibit design house or the staff members since these two things are very crucial to your trade show. Instead, think of innovative ideas to extract the maximum out of them while exhibiting, further giving you better returns.

7. Nurturing Team: As an exhibitor, a very important goal while exhibiting must be to concentrate on nurturing the face of your company, your staff or the team. Only when you lay emphasis on them and train them well is when you will ensure a successful trade show.

8. Design Value: Your exhibit design house and the trade show designer are like the 1st impression of your brand. The design presented by the booth designer should be made with seamless perfection giving the attendees a reason to visit your stand and engage with your product. So as an exhibitor, lay a lot of emphasis on ensuring that your booth designing is perfect.

9. Questioning the Approach: Always, as a rule, question yourself about your approach and think without a biased opinion if you are going in the righteous direction or not. Prepare a checklist of the things you know are imperative for you and then ask yourself if you’re not missing on anything. This way you will be able to see clarity in your thinking process, and you will be receptive to changes.

10. Measuring the Trade Show: We cannot say it enough that how crucial it is to measure the success of your trade show. Know that you will always have to understand the objectives first to find out the conclusion later. So always have a plan of action for your lead management system and follow up with them well to have a positive measurement of ROI.

So, now that you have a glossary of approach, you must ensure that you progress in every upcoming show and give your company many glorious exhibitions.