HAL Chalet Reaching its Final Leg in the Construction Phase at FIA 2016

We are moving to completing our final leg of the construction phase of our chalet that we have designed for Hindustan Aeronautical Limited. Our Indian partners seemed overwhelmed with the ongoing development on the venue for their chalet and congratulated our executioner team in Berlin for their immense hard work. The chalet that has designed for HAL is spread over in an area span of 356 sqm. The graphics have been installed and in the interiors, the double deck chalet has been in progress continuously. The open lounge and the balcony area on the first floor have been designed, and the production team is in full swing by developing the entire chalet to perfection.

HAL Chalet Design

*The façade view of the HAL chalet from the side with graphics in FIA 2016.

With the ongoing progress, we are aiming to deliver the project to the HAL team on time and hope that they are satisfied with the ongoing success of the constructed chalet. Being the largest area project in the kitty for Farnborough Airshow, we hope we can deliver excellence and gain satisfactory compliments from our partners post the exhibition.

HAL Chalet Design at Farnborough Airshow

*The production member of our team working to achieve the best results for HAL Chalet in FIA 2016.

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