Exhibitors’ Guidelines to Farnborough International Airshow 2016

Farnborough International Airshow 2016 is another exciting year for exhibitors and attendees. On one hand, FIA is busy in building another victory for the year and on the contrary exhibitors are engaged in designing outstanding displays for their business to an ultimate brand promotion. Whereas various amenities have been provided in the main exhibition area, there are certain instructions enforced on exhibitors for a safe and secure exhibition experience. Enlisted here, are the few highlighting guidelines for exhibitors in the trade show. These guidelines would prove efficient to your convenience for an actually organized trade show in Farnborough.

Exhibitors’ Guidelines to Farnborough International Airshow 2016

Exhibition Transportation

• Motorised scooters would be available for inside transportation in Farnborough International Airshow.
• Only exhibitors’ or contractors’ employees are permitted to drive the scooters.
• Damage or injuries caused by motorized scooters are responsibilities of exhibitors or contractors.

Food and Beverages

• Food and beverage, to serve the visitors, from official stand catering suppliers, is permitted.
• Delivery of food and beverage from any other supplier is strictly Prohibited.
• Keep track of all food regulations to inform visitors.


• Trash that resulted from installation and dismantling of stands is the liability of exhibitors or their contractors.
• Official cleaning contractor would clear any trash left by exhibitors or contractors after 1900 hours on July 9 2016, but on the expenses of exhibitors or contractors.


• Class II type portable equipment graded for use at 230 volts is permissible indoors for tradeshows. They should be double or all insulated.
• Electrical tools used outside should be 110 volts or powered by a battery.

Accidents and First-Aid

• Accidents must be reported to FIL (Farnborough International Limited).
• Excluding days from June 9 to July 25, contractors and clients are accountable for accidents and providing first-aid to their staff.
• Medical Centre would be open from June 9 to July 25.

Arrangements for Specially Abled

• Safety arrangements must be made for people with physical disability.
• Safe evacuations should be arranged for both, employed personnel or visitors.


• An English speaker should be available on your work premises to communicate relevant information.
• Interpretation services from FIL would be charged.


• Smoking inside exhibit halls and chalets is prohibited.
• Mobiles and radios are restricted to 50 feet of aircraft on the ground.
• No firearms allowed in the exhibit area.
• Vehicles must be parked in allotted areas only.

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