Amazing take-off in FIA 2016 with Another Trade Show Booth has launched itself into a new peak of sensation with another custom made booth (Precision Castparts Corp.) from Kallman Creative Services in FIA 2016. All we had six months back when PCC approached us, was an abstract idea. We are now more than excited when we have unveiled our achievement of transforming a conceptual idea into a successful reality.

Booth Design Requirement

A market leader in manufacturing intricate metal machinery and products for aerospace, power, and general industries, PCC is an essential part of the aviation sector. For FIA 2016, PCC chose us to build a notable trade show booth that individualizes their presence and mirrors their brand’s magnificence from top to bottom. They desired us to design:

1. A bespoke stand expanded into an area of 153 square meters.
2. Separate meeting rooms that can accommodate ten people in each.
3. Display area for two different products.
4. A reception, storage counter, a lounge, and a discussion area.
5. Facility of a bar and a pantry.

We made

The team came into action three weeks before FIA 2016 and eventually succeeded to create a booth incorporating the inputs desired by PCC. In three weeks of time our quality-conscious team accomplished to create:

1. An island stand of 153 square meters fixed in 17sqm x 9sqm dimensions.
2. Four meeting rooms out of which three are capacitated of 10 seating. We have facilitated 12 seats in the fourth meeting room.
3. A display area. It provides adequate space for two different products.
4. An open reception cornered at the exhibit’s entrance attracting the immediate notice of visitors.
5. A bar with an adjacent pantry for food and beverages.
6. A common discussion area with two separate seating arrangements.
7. An enclosed cubicle for storage.
8. An elegant and relaxing lounge for conversation.

Over such a long time spent in the arena of exhibitions, we have learned that hard work, perseverance, and relentless creativity are the keys to success. With these qualities, we are once again willing to create a landmark in Farnborough International Airshow.

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