TAI’s Chalet in Farnborough International Airshow 2016

About Client

A prime figure of technology, TAI stands with prominence among the top hundred names in the international defense industry. The organization had designed major aircraft facilities. It has produced leading aircraft like General Dynamics F-16 Falcon jets and CASE/IPTN CN-235, a surveillance jet. TAI joined hands with BoothConstructions second time in Farnborough International Airshow. It was an amazing project to carry out for the leading exhibit house.

The Exhibit

It was the second time for to design a chalet for TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) in Farnborough International Airshow 2016. To retain the individuality of the brand while furnishing the chalet with the requirements demanded by the client was the prime target for the trade show booth designers. Let’s learn the exciting process and the gears used by to accomplish the task.


• To create an inviting trade show display that blends with TAI’s grandeur.
• To retain comfort of the clients.
• Designing adequate area for serving food and drinks.
• To maintain proper sitting arrangements and lavatory.


• Previous service provider for TAI in Farnborough International Airshow 2014.
• Experienced in designing chalets in defense trade shows.
• Famed for providing majestic construction and unique designs.


• Building every convenient feature for clients.
• To merge a patio with the chalet for open-air discussion.
• Arranging a VIP lounge inside the chalet.
• To provide a kitchen and a dining area.


Everything was centered on the color scheme of TAI- blue and white. The overall design was divided into two parts- interior and the exterior.


• Conference Hall: Three meeting halls were built. Two having a capacity of 8 while one had the capacity of hosting 10.
• Built kitchen for storing food supplies.
• Created a comfortable modular dining facility.
• A VIP lounge was built next to the meeting room.
• Designed a locker room for storage.
• Storeroom for bulk storage.


• An open patio adjoining the chalet for discussions with visitors.
• Built an open lounge area.

The eventual structure was beautifully equipped with comfortable facilities for clients and visitors. Above all, the individual persona of TAI was evident with the prosperous appeal of the chalet.

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