Exhibit Lighting in Trade Shows- 4 Things You Need to Know

Exhibiting lighting adds to the highlighting factors into a trade show. You can receive the best location for the trade show booth that is helpful for client retention. However, if the trade show stand is not equipped with the apt facilities of lighting, then the visitors may not get attracted towards your exhibition stand. Without appropriate lighting, an exhibitor is unable to catch the eyes of the attendees towards the exhibit at a trade show. Thus, Booth Constructions has brought your 5 important things you would surely like to know about the exhibit lighting in a trade show.

Why Add More Lights to the Exhibit When the Entire Exhibition Hall is Lit with Lights?

Exhibit LightingThe entire exhibition hall is lit with lights. Well! All these lights are illuminating every exhibition stand present in the trade show hall. Can you imagine those lights to provide enough emphasize to your exhibit in the trade show? To underscore your trade show stand amongst the thousands of booths, luminance plays a fantastic role. The more attractive the lights are, the better are the chances for the trade show attendees to reach your trade show stand.

Light becomes necessary in every case whether the entire exhibition hall is occupied with lights or mere darkness. If you need an add-on factor infused into your trade show stand, then there is no better option than impactful lighting.

How to Decide the Spots for Exhibit Lights?

A fair question is where exactly you will put the lights to put emphasis on your trade show stand. Our suggestion is no wall, and not even a single corner should remain in the absence of exhibit lights. Pointing the illumination towards your product displays is essential. In this way, the major display items will receive the immediate attention of the trade show attendees. However, along with using engaging flash towards displays, you need to choose multiple spots that will lit your entire trade show stand.

Which is the Right Option- LED or Halogen?

Most trade show stand builders suggest the usage of LED exhibit lights instead of Halogen. Let us tell you why?

– LED lights tend to consume lesser energy while Halogen’s system is not designed for that.

– Halogen renders a yellowish effect to a spot while LED spreads out white light into space.

– Halogen may give a striking impact to the eyes of the visitors but may blind them for a while. LED’s bright shine does not give a sightless effect to the visitors’ eyes.

– Halogen lights usually get warm and even hot with the usage. LED lights remain comparatively less warm.

halogen vs led infographicYou may have understood till now that using halogen exhibit lights can insert additional impact onto displays. However, they emit more heat than LED lights. You can use halogen for certain highlight into your trade show stand. Emission of excess heat may increase the temperature inside the exhibit causing discomfort to you and your attendees. Thus, using LED exhibit lights becomes a smarter option.

Do I have to take care of anything else?

Yes. You have to ensure that your service provider allocates the light spots accurately in the exhibit plan you get prepared. Your stand contractor should not be arranging visible wires at the eleventh hour. Ensure you get the best provisioning of the exhibit lights.


Using Colorful Exhibit Lights

You may have seen colour-blasting themes for exhibition stands in many trade shows. The colorful walls, larger graphics, and panels used in the trade show stand are always unified with colorful LED lights to underline the trade show booth. Try using colorful exhibit lights into your trade show booth, and definitely, your trade show stand would have add-on factor proving to be helpful in client retention.