BoothConstructions and TAI work together 2 years in a row for FIA 2016

As we pace towards the Farnborough International Airshow 2016, we saw a surge in the number of clients that were bagged by that made the company management immensely happy and satisfied. However, the moment of the entire process was when we were counting on Turkish Aerospace Inc.’s tender to come our way. We all held our breaths in office till 6 in the evening when the final call was supposed to come and guess what? We were selected again for 2 times in a row to design the TAI chalet in FIA 2016. It was a moment of sheer pride for all of us that made us believe that our hard work for FIA 2014 paid off as we retained the client.

About the company:

TAI is the center of technology in design, development, modernization, manufacturing, integration and life cycle support of integrated aerospace systems, ranks among the top hundred global defense sector players. TAI has developed leading aerospace platforms like T129 ATAK Multi-role Combat Helicopter, “HÜRKUŞ” Basic Trainer Aircraft and “ANKA” MALE Unmanned Aerial System. TAI also carries out system integration activities for special mission conversions and avionic modernizations for fixed/rotary wing platforms.

Design Specifications:

Same as last year, we are this year also designing a chalet for TAI in FIA 2016. The chalet is spread over an area of 160 sqm (interior) and bespoke perfection with design dimensions of 20 sqm x 150 sqm. As the area span for the chalet was very big with an outside balcony too, the designing of the entire exhibit was a difficult task to score perfection. The company had a lot of requirements in hand and we accomplished all of them.

TAI Chalet Design for FIA 2016

 *A design view of the TAI chalet designed for FIA 2016

TAI Chalet Aerial View for FIA 2016

*An aerial view of the TAI chalet designed for FIA 2016.

As seen above, the features of the chalet includes 2 aspects:

1. The Interiors
• 3 Closed Meeting rooms (Sitting space for 10 , 8 & 8 people)
• 1 Dining room
• A Kitchen
• A VIP Lounge
• A locker room & a storage room
• A restroom

Interior Design for TAI

 *A gallery view of the interiors designed for TAI for FIA 2016.

2. The Outdoor
• Open Meeting Balcony
• A Balcony Lounge Area.

Balcony View of Exhibit Designed for TAI

*The Balcony view of the exhibit designed for TAI for FIA 2016.

With this, we also installed a video wall of 2 x 2 sqm in the interiors that displayed the ongoing airshow display of the company. This is one of the most accomplishing designs achieved by, and we were so glad that TAI chose us again to design for them proving our mettle as service providers.

You can check out the chalet designed by for TAI in A31 for Farnborough International Airshow 2016.

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