5 Trends to Look Forward in Farnborough Airshow 2016

Farnborough Airshow 2016

Farnborough International Airshow, this year, is going to see a lot of advancements on the technological front as well as new entrants in the industry with companies from Silicon Valley participating. We went through the prediction charts of Accenture for Farnborough Airshow 2016 and derived these 5 trends which might be unveiled in this year’s FIA 2016 exhibition scheduled from 11th July to 17th July in Farnborough.

1. IoT : Internet of Things has been one of the most talked about topics this year and thus the same can be expected in Farnborough International Airshow 2016. Accenture has predicted the growth in IoT to be significant, almost 85% increase. We hope seeing more involvement of IoT solutions in Farnborough Airshow 2016.

2. Silicon Talent Show: Silicon Valley companies entering the Aerospace sector are aiming to make a splash in the market through this year’s FIA. They plan to dazzle audience members and industry leaders alike by presenting unmanned aerial vehicles at the exhibition venue. These vehicles displayed at Farnborough Airshow 2016 offer a broad range of new capabilities, increased autonomy, and better communications as well as cutting edge design and field capabilities.

3. Accenture’s Digital Presence: Accenture’s also revealed their active participation in Farnborough Airshow 2016 as they sponsor the trade flying display along with organizing the Digital and Technology Show at the exhibition venue this year. The company aims at showcasing the cutting-edge technologies as well as bringing together industry insights, functional expertise, customizable solutions and capabilities to deliver to its aerospace and defence clients the advantage they need in today’s highly competitive environment.

4. All about execution: For the past few years most of the exhibitors have scored big deals and landed even bigger clients. This year might well be all about commitment as they try procuring previous orders and holding on to their high profile clientele. This year the companies will strive to deliver on their previous promises and completing the deals bagged earlier.

5. Doubling down on Data Surge: Accenture has revealed that 88 percent of aerospace and defence executives estimate that the volume of data managed by their companies will at least double the next year. This is mainly due to the enormous data generated by the aerospace sector and thus the requirement of data management for the same. Data plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges of the supply chain management in aerospace industry. In FIA 2016 the traditional supply chain management will be soon taken over by software driven technology and hence data needs to be processed efficiently.

This year our company is being asked to design and construct 6 exhibits and 2 chalets in the FIA 2016 for 8 different clients. Our preparations are in full swing at the venue so check out our Press Release here.

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