5 Things About Foreign Exhibiting That You Must Know

Foreign Exhibiting

A newbie in the exhibiting industry faces a lot of challenges when it comes to foreign exhibiting. It must be catered to with a lot of pre-planning and along with that some very important points which must be on your to-do list. As a first time exhibitor, foreign exhibiting might make you look like a lost alien on a new planet, so be well prepared before facing some challenges that might come your way and be the fighting soldier against them with your knowledge armour.

1. Right Exhibiting Company: While exhibiting in a foreign land, it becomes really essential that you as an exhibitor must have someone to stand by your side and help you throughout the process. An exhibit design house with their unit based out in that land turns out to be of great help during that time. If you happen to stumble upon the right exhibiting company, then you will be lucky enough to make it with ease throughout the exhibition.

2. Budgeting Matters: Budgeting is always one of the major concerns during the exhibitions. And this concern reaches a sky-high level when it comes to budgeting in a foreign country which in a way is justified also. So to escape this matter, keep in mind that you must budget in the same currency and adding to that do not forget to calculate the shipping costs, the customs, lodging costs, etc. If you have dealt with this, then 40% of your issues are resolved already.

3. Language Concerns: Although in most of the exhibitions as a general norm, English is the first language. However in some countries, the people or the local clients generally talk in the local language only. So even though they might know slight English, there must not be any kind of communication gap while pitching. To curb this issue, you must ensure that you do keep a translator with you who speaks the native language of that country to help you with better communications.

4. Custom & Clearances: Most of the newbie get stuck up in dealing with the customs and clearances because there is so much paperwork that goes into this. Too many rules and regulations and legalities are the primary reason why custom clearances top the charts of foreign exhibiting concerns. To curb this again your exhibiting company will be your go-top guide. They have been doing a lot of exhibitions before in the same country so will have a better view and opinion about how to go about the same.

5. Codes & Regulation: As a human, you must realize that every country has a different kind of codes, culture and regulations and along with those different ways of people dealing with it. So you must ensure that you have some basic code of conduct of that country so that you do not hurt the sentiments of the locals and ensure a good successful exhibition for yourself.

So, now that you’re clear on the main concerns we really hope that you do not face any problems in foreign exhibiting. And if you are looking out to exhibit in Europe, we can help you with the process.