5 Must-Know Exhibiting Trends of 2016

Exhibiting Trends of 2016

Keeping abreast with ongoing trends and changes in the industry is a must-have tactic to keep you active in the business. Always remember that the trends of tomorrow will replace the advantage you had yesterday. You don’t have to do anything wrong, as long as your competitors catch the wave and do it RIGHT. So before they overpower your tomorrow by keeping being updated today, we suggest you change your strategy and come up with a newer version of trends to be exhibiting today. So here we are, to your rescue with five newest exhibiting trends of 2016 that you must know before participating in the next exhibition.

1. Virtual Reality: Without a doubt, topping the charts in the exhibition industry trends is virtual reality. You should see how drastically this trend is evolving in the world and with that ushering in the trade show industry as well. A lot of design companies are now open to learning this technology to implement it in their designs so that the exhibitor feels abreast with the changing times and learns to experiment with design ethics by inculcating more and more technology in their booth design. By creating a cognitive environment in your booth, you can make your visitors feel engaged and give them the demos on the oculus. Being an iconic means of information transfer, virtual reality makes your booth design more interactive and unique.

2. Beacons: Beacons are the newest IT feature of the exhibitions. Although being at a nascent stage around the globe, this technology is now coming into everyone’s eyes during exhibitions. Matching visitor’s profiles to your target audience, sending them out notifications, knowing their interests in advance; there is nothing that beacons cannot do in the exhibition arena.

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3. Sustainable Exhibits: With all the talks about global warming, companies are looking to cut down on their carbon footprint and trying to incorporate green exhibits in their design scheme. This yields a good impression on the visitor as they build a perception of you being an environmentally responsible exhibitor and company further leading to the visitors taking you seriously. So, if as of now you haven’t incorporated green exhibits, you must think of changing your approach towards a greener planet.

4. Colours Change: With more vibrant and youthful approach towards exhibiting, we have seen the color trends also changing drastically. Initially exhibiting was about keeping it light and subdued colors for the subtle approach. However, now it has evolved to adding brighter shades as an experiment and exhibitors and companies are taking this optimistically. So break the stereotypes this year and change your designing approach by adding some pop color elements to your design theme.

5. Live Feeds: With the urgent needs of every exhibitor to be always keeping in touch with their visitors, attendees, and clients; live feeds have instantly gained a lot of momentum. Exhibitors are switching to live video streaming via mailers and social media and keeping their prospects all updated with the ongoing process.

In case you know of any other trends that you think will be rocking the exhibition industry this year, comment below and SHARE your insights with us!