Viraj: Beyond Today Into Tomorrow

Exhibition Stand

Name of the Show: Wire and Tube
Location of the show: Dusseldorf, Germany
Date of the Show: 4th April to 9th April 2016
Name of the Company:
Location of the Company: Dubai, UAE

Brief Description of the Company: is a syndication of exhibition solutions that envisions building a brand by laying the focus on harnessing the power of 10 years of industry experience. aspires to combine the exhibitors’ requirements with the authority in the exhibit domain and yield flawless product and service. Emulating perfection in the approach it designs and brands for their clients and customers to bring the dreamexhibition stand to reality.

About the Client: Viraj Profiles Limited (VPL) is the second largest manufacturer of stainless steel long products in the world and is ranked number one in stainless steel flanges. Having a strong global presence with their products being exported to more than 1300 customers in over 90 countries worldwide spread across 6 continents. Viraj Profiles Limited, one of the fastest growing business houses in India, is currently a major player in the global stainless steel market.

Design Challenge: The client gave a task to develop something that refreshes the mood of all the delegates of Viraj keeping in mind the corporate feel of the brand and also making the exhibit visually conceptual and appealing.

Onsite Challenges: The exhibitor demanded change in the display colors and additional furniture from the operations team in high quantities which became an additional task to accomplish apart from the exhibit set up.

Idea & Design Solution: To give the client a structurally simple exhibit with a gleam of galore. The exhibit must bear an open and invite appeal to the visitors giving them an aura of a corporate lounge that bespoke celebration. For this we came up with a customized corporate exhibition stand, spread over an area span of 1004 sqm. The idea was to deliver the primary objective of the client and creating a stand that does not create a fuss or clutter in the audience’s minds. Hence, came up with the idea of “Rising Bird”. Inspired by the company logo and representing the growth with streamlined streaks in the design depicting the power of development, it was a depiction of progress. The visitors while entering were able to have a full glance at the concept of rising which led to the company creating a rapport in their mind, adding to the recall value of the company. The booth also had a brilliant dynamic display in addition to the lounge area and the glorified conference room. Onsite challenges incurred at the exhibition were also conquered, and the outcome of the project was delivered to the exhibitor 2 days before the deadline.

Project at a Glance: From the moment the concept of “The Rising Bird” was derived, the design and operations team were clear that this will not end up just being a virtual display of a flying bird but be a life-size projection of client’s vision of company development. Made with a clear mind on emphasizing on client needs and purpose, it was a hassle-free project delivered by making Viraj one of the focal points of Wire and Tube Dusseldorf, Germany for its delegates.