Trade show booth staff

Communication Techniques for Your Trade Show Booth Staff

Being proactive at a trade show booth is a must-have quality to draw attendees’ attention. That implies that your staff members should be ready with the flow of answers for the trade show visitors. What happens if your employee lost for words with the first query of the attendee? Well, the visitor would be leaving without being bothered to question any further. To overcome the tongue-tied situations of your trade show booth staff, you need more preparation and 4 straight strategies leading to your trade show success.

Training of your booth staff must include the aspects of flawless speech. Guide your trade show booth staff with the following guidelines.

Work on the Answers

You should always ask a question for which you can provide a reply. For example, have you heard about our new mobile app? You cannot be too excited thinking that you can brief the trade show attendee about your new mobile application. The visitor could also respond with a YES. What would happen next? You would be at the loss of words to speak anything further. You cannot avoid asking such questions, so try to prepare every possible response that would follow after the positive or negative reply of the attendee.

Avoid Sales Pitch at First

Try never to start with sales pitch questions straight away. When a trade show attendee comes down to your exhibition stand, you have no idea whether she/he is willing to learn about your product/service. Do not invite an attendee to learn more about your trade show display without knowing whether they are targeting your product. However, meet and greet them with a smile on your face and a pleasant goodbye.

Go Step by Step

To learn the trade show attendee needs, start with basic questions. You can begin with:

Q. What brings you to the show?

Q. Which trade show display you like the most?

Q. How many times you have attended this trade show?

Such questions would allow you to invite the trade show visitor into a conversation. In this way, you would be able to learn whether or not the attendee is looking out for your product. To capture a visitor’s attention further, you can ask questions like- What brings you to our booth? Is there anything specific you like about our exhibit? Once you realize that the attendee is looking out for your products/service, then you can move on to a presentation.

Make it about visitors

Make your question about the needs of the trade show attendees. Ask them about their company’s function, their interest, expectations from the exhibitor, and their goals for attending the show. Make them feel that you are interested in their needs and you are ready to resolute all their queries.

With such well-versed questions and required answers, your trade show booth staff would never stay dumbstruck. An interesting array of question and all possible answers for trade show attendee’s queries would lead your way towards an excellent trade show display.