Coming Soon- Bal Pharma’s Trade Show Booth in CPhi Spain 2016

Booth Constructions to take another inning with the sundown of the year 2016 in CPhi. The countdown is set and we will direct the spotlight on our custom exhibition stand at CPhi 2016 Spain designed for Bal Pharma.

About Bal Pharma

Bal Pharma is the top-notch name in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industries. The company is known for supplying Prescription Drugs, OTC Products, Generic, Intravenous Infusion, and Bulk Actives. The name bags an overall experience of 23 years in delivering quality products to numerous folks. Bal Pharma produces API and FDF at first-rate manufacturing facilities.

Designing Process until Now at CPHI 2016

An assiduous design team was assigned the work a few months back when the project came to us. Bal Pharma desired us to build a graphic-enriched trade show stand reflecting prime motto of the company.

The other features they required in the trade show booth were:

– A closed meeting room of more than four seating.
– Storage room for storing needs.
– Area for open discussion.
– Lounge area.
– An inquiry bar.

Holding onto our client’s expectations, our design team offered a meticulous design that was presented in three different color blends. We have enclosed:

– A meeting room in the exhibition stand.
– Open discussion areas in two divisions.
– Relaxing lounge for sitting facility.
– A reception for general inquiries.

Check out CPhi 2016, Spain to witness the final color scheme approved by our valued client.

About CPhi

With the launch of another trade show in October 2016, CPhi closes its 26 years in leading Pharmaceutical trade shows. The primary vision of the show is to gather the movers and shakers of Pharma Industry on one giant platform. With every trade show, CPhi witnesses the assembly of the topmost suppliers and top-notch buyers of the Pharma sector. The trade show remains a pre-eminent display place for Pharmaceutical exhibiting since its inception.

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