Top 5 Highlights Making ExhibitorLive 2017 a Sure Thing for Trade Show Professionals

The experience of 2016 at ExhibitorLive remained fantastic for Making another appearance at ExhibitorLive 2017, we are prompted to raise the top 5 highlights of the trade show to let you know that it is a sure thing for the trade show professionals. Besides being an amazing trade show for the excellent service providers for the exhibitions, ExhibitorLive 2017 is a magnificent learning opportunity for the exhibiting folks. Let us dig into the details.

1. Understand your Service Providers: The trade show endows you the chance of making new connections as well as checking into the new services launched by your existing service provider. There are so many things companies are willing to offer you including new products, services, tools, and technologies than the previous ones. From healthcare to aviation and defence, manufacturers have many new products that can help in exhibiting better than you did in the previous exhibition. Exhibitor Live’s stats itself shows that the 61% trade show attendees who are ready to spend on the spot. With our successful experience, as we received proposal requests from 49% of the total number of attendees visited our trade show booth. Surely, you will find the companies with whom you would immediately love close down the deals.

2. Multi-Session & Workshop Event: ExhibitorLive 2017 is one of those all-rounder events that get you many productive sessions and workshops. The trade show professionals can attend these sessions for improvement of knowledge and learn new aspects of exhibitions. Choose your workshops from measurement and analytics to marketing and sales. Believe us! These several meetings are favorable for your future exhibiting and attending experience.

3. Hear from the Experts: Whether you have any ideas, thoughts, or issues, you can bring it down to the Peer2Peer Roundtables. Share your queries with your peers or give out your solutions that you have discovered. Todd Simon, Candy Adams, Jackie Beaulieu, Kelly Anderson, Brian Baker, Jefferson Davis and more experts like that will be moderating the Peer2Peer discussions. Meeting and hearing from such celebrities from the business world is an opportune moment for every trade show professional.

4. See it! Believe it!: Taking chances with new partners is a difficult time for exhibitors. You do get nervous whether the promised services will come into your hand or not. So there is your chance! Witness the creativity yourself offered by a company. The exhibitors at ExhibitorLive 2017 are going to put up an immense showcase of their innovation in their trade show display. Thus, you no longer have to worry about services you purchased from service partners or any other technology provider. So see it, believe it, and buy it.

5. Money Back Guarantee: ExhibitorLive is a complete package deal for the exhibiting folks. It completes with another striking feature, and that is your money back guarantee. The trade show ensures to refund all your money if you have not met your areas of interests. The organizers assure to pay your total amount incurred on the trade show sessions without asking any question. Thus, all the first timers can become care-free as there is no risk in investing your money in ExhibitorLive 2017.

With our personal experience, we can give surety of making a 100% great buy with ExhibitorLive 2017. is coming to ExhibitorLive 2017 once again. We are the trade show service partners in Europe and the Middle East. Bring down your questions to us at Booth No. 1733, and we would be glad to resolute your queries.