Booth Constructions Preparing for its Grand Appearance at EuroShop 2017

How many times do you get a chance to showcase your trade show solutions live to the exhibitors? Coming once in every three years, EuroShop is one of those marketing events where has marked its efficient presence. Going live, once again, at EuroShop 2017, we are willing to elaborate our upcoming facilities for trade shows to the event marketers. We have built a forte in providing excellent trade show stands, and exhibition services reach the trade show for head to head conversations with potential as well as existing clients.

Fortune That Followed after 2014

Booth Constructions evaluates EuroShop as a successful trade show after a fortunate return from the showcase at 2014. Being within the same country, the exhibition gave us exposure to the audience worldwide while we were in our national region. Our team met around 200 attendees in the show with pre-booked appointments while we received direct entries on the show that recorded around over a hundred. Without disappointing anybody, we managed our meet-ups tactfully with well-employed staff.
The pride moment for us was to receive a response from 69% visitors from overall trade show attendees who visited our exhibition stand. Out of the total recorded responses after the trade show, our enthusiast Sales Team turned 85% attendees into our potential clients.

Vision for 2017

Booth Constructions is going to EuroShop 2017 with a new agenda and education of fresh add-ons into our company. We are embarking onto new technologies and tools to innovate more with the exhibition stands designed by us. In the past three years, we have experimented with new flooring concepts, colourful self- managed lights, and virtual realities enhancing the trade show booths for many exhibiting professionals. The best part is, we received 100% success in our endeavors. Understanding the values of experiment with the appearance of exhibits, we are coming to EuroShop 2017 encouraging clients to include new aspects of aesthetic appeal in their trade show stands.

Booth Constructions are the leaders of trade show solutions in the European region. We are proud to belong to a nation that is the primary location for the top-notch exhibitions in the world. We believe in motivating the USA exhibitors to showcase in Europe to reach a wider-scale audience. Our creative experts always come up with new strategies to bring success to the exhibits designed and built by us. Thus, Booth Constructions is going to EuroShop with two major motives including the exposure of new technologies into the trade show exhibits, and benefits of exhibiting in Europe.

About the Company is an established exhibit house in Europe and the Middle East. The company continues to deliver unique exhibition stands and integrated trade show solutions for the exhibitors for over a decade. It has constantly impressed the exhibitors with its exclusivity of designs and impactful visual appeal in trade show stands. The exhibit designers and builders have worked with top-notch exhibitors in the top-ranking trade shows till date.