Your Personal Guide to Right Exhibit Design House

So you are all set to go on window shopping for a new exhibit design house for your company? Well then just hang on for a little while. We have been running our brains ahead of time and trying to figure out some essential things for you before you dot on you design house.

When on a lookout for a Trade Show exhibit design house, you must know the vitality of picking up the right exhibit house because your design must achieve these factors:

Exhibit House Guide

The exhibit design house has to be so much more than just being a designer to a visually beautiful booth. They have to be your guiding hand during the entire exhibition and required to have a great insight on how the industry works. We understand the importance of good design, however, having said that we also know that it is not everything while exhibiting. Exhibitions go so much beyond and have so many leaflets that go unturned by the exhibitors. So, here we have some queries that you must raise from the exhibit design house that you are planning to hire for your next exhibition.

1. Location of The Production House: When you are exhibiting in Europe, however, the exhibit design house’s production unit is based out in the US, it is going to be a challenge for you to manage the logistics. You must ensure that your trade show design house has a production unit located in proximity to the exhibition venue to ensure cost saving on logistics and transfers. The operations team and the setup should be readily available from the exhibition incase of any emergency needs and requirements.

2. Customer and Client References: You might see a huge portfolio of a company embarked on their website with lots of project deliveries and testimonials. However, you must still go ahead and ask for client’s references. Any good exhibit design house will be euphoric to arrange for the reference unless the picture portrayed on the website is not true. So ask them for the testimonials and ensure that you discuss with them the entire experience with the exhibit house before hiring them as your design house.

3. Marketing & Branding Solutions: A good design house if has had already worked in the same industry in past will have a lot to share with you about marketing techniques. You must consult them on the same. If they have previously handled some good clients, they can give you extraordinary insights on as to how you must go ahead with your company marketing and branding solutions.

Also, an interesting fact that comes out here is that if your exhibit house already has 2-3 clients exhibiting in the same exhibition, then, in that case, they can bring you better discounts. Although your Corp Comm team might want to handle this task if you ask your exhibit design team to ask for discounts on branding solutions from the organizer, there is a good chance that they will get better discounts since they will be going on behalf of 2-3 companies.

4. Design Elements: As an exhibit design house, we have often seen clients being too budget restricted. Because of which they stick to old school designing elements and methods. Instead of doing that, as an exhibitor, you must invest a little extra in bringing new design elements, materials, and fabrication in yourexhibition stand design. When you experiment, you will emerge out as a distinctive brand in the exhibition making you stand out of the rest.

5. Technological Growth: You must ask your design company to give you the latest technology with the exhibit design proposal. Once you receive the first draft of the proposal, you can add or eliminate the technologies that you think might or might not work for your product. These days exhibitions have grown so drastically on the tech front that if you don’t include the tech elements in your exhibit stand, you might not impress your visitors. Starting from Virtual Reality to Live Feeds and Beacons, technology is on a roll these days in the exhibition sector. So, you must push your exhibit design team for it and get the best outcome.

Now that you have the right questions, you will find the right answers as to which should be your exhibit design team. And if you want a nodding YES to all these questions under one roof, you must CONTACT US.