The New Product Showcase at ExhibitorLive 2017

The 28-year old event and expo, Exhibitor Live is one of the top ten buying shows of America. With 2016 rolling to an end, the buzz of the 29th Annual Conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Professionals is high among the participators.

From the trade show vendors to the trade show and event marketers and managers, Exhibitor Live has space for everyone to be heard, to be seen, and to be aware of the new innovations. Among a series of sessions and workshops with the industry experts and 3000 decision makers, one of the favorite attractions offered by Exhibitor Live is the New Product Showcase 2017.

If you are up with new advancements and development in your brand, Exhibitor Live brings you an opportunity to give the best possible exposure to your innovation.

For people wondering what the New Product Showcase thing is, is here to give you a glimpse of it.

New Product Showcase at Exhibitor Live is the hottest launching pad to make a debut of the rejuvenating and innovative products and services. The platform is the turnkey solution for entrants to become eligible for the celebrated Buyers Choice Awards.

How do I qualify for New Product Showcase at Exhibitor Live 2017?

Once you meet the below-given requirements, you are ready to roll the ball and experience the perquisites of this impressive platform.

• Your participation at Exhibitor Live 2017 is a must.

• The innovation must be introduced anytime between January 1, 2016, and March 1, 2017.

• Within three months after the expo, the product or service must be available to the public.

• No line extensions like a new color, new size or shape, of the existing products and services will be accepted.

• The innovation must not have been showcased at any other domestic show other than Exhibitor Live 2016, HCEA Annual Meeting, EXPO! EXPO!, MPI, Red Diamond Congress, etc.

• No new company launches to qualify for the program.

For entrants with more than one innovation, all you need to do is fill separate entry forms.

So hurry up! Fill up the new entry for New Product Showcase 2017 at Exhibitor Online and live up the chance to win Buyers Choice Award.