Incredible Trade Show Booth for MSN Labs in CPHI Worlwide 2016

With a celebrated ending at CPhi 2015, MSN Labs coming to CPhi Worldwide 2016 with Booth Constructions once again. The pharmaceutical company joined hands with Booth Constructions for their remarkable trade show booth in CPhi 2015. Winning another appointment with MSN Labs, Booth Constructions is inclined to create another incredible exhibition stand for the company.

About the Company

MSN Labs is the fastest growing research-based pharma company in India. Founded in the year 2003, MSN has endowed multiple pharmaceutical products in the market since inception. Along with that, MSN has three finished dosage and 8 API facilities, incorporated R&D Centre dedicated to CRAMS (Contract Research and Manufacturing Services). The company is a trusted name in National as well as International Market supplying across 65 countries in the world including the USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East, and more.

Design Progress with MSN Labs

MSN Labs asked us to build three sides open stand expanding over 195 Sq. M area integrated with the facilities of:

– Open discussion area that is incorporated with 8 seats.
– Separate conference rooms accommodating 20 – 24 seats altogether.
– Bar area for refreshments.
– Facility for storage and pantry.
– Lounge areas other than open discussion areas.
– Inquiry bar.

We bagged the project a few months back when our zealous squad of designers begun to work on the requirement of the client. After the abundance of potential and productive hard-work, our designers have come up with the final design for the trade show exhibit. The innovations the design includes are:

– Three meeting rooms with 8,6,10 seating respectively.
– Lounge area accommodated with eight seats altogether.
– A separate lounge room for conversation.
– Four open discussion areas with ample sitting.
– A bar area is facilitating refreshments.
– Facility for storage and pantry next to conference room.
– A reception for general inquiries or information.

The trade show booth for MSN remains one of the most visited exhibitions- stands CPhi. Owing to the reason, the exhibition stand for MSN has been integrated with copious seating to accommodate the visitors for helpful discussion. Booth Constructions looks forward to another successful trade show booth for MSN Labs during CPhi Spain 2016.

About CPhi

With the launch of another trade show in October 2016, CPhi closes its 26 years in leading Pharmaceutical trade shows. The primary vision of the show is to gather the movers and shakers of Pharma Industry on one giant platform. With every trade show, CPhi witnesses the assembly of the topmost suppliers and top-notch buyers of the Pharma sector. The trade show remains a pre-eminent display place for Pharmaceutical exhibiting since its inception.

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