Mobile World Congress- Why the Carbon Neutral Trade Show?

Mobile World Congress, organized by GSMA, is the carbon neutral trade show. The trade show supposes to be called a magical one because of its eco-friendly trait. The trade show, MWC, gained extensive popularity owing to its initiative with GSMA in reducing waste and encourage recycling in exhibitions. In the year 2014, GSMA started to focus on waste reduction in the environment. While promoting eco-friendliness in exhibitions, the association primarily concentrated on MCW to make it a carbon neutral trade show.

About Mobile World Congress

The world’s largest assembly of mobile sellers and users, GSMA Mobile World Congress remains the most prominent trade show for the industry. The show closes with the minimum attendance of 90,000 trade show participants annually. As mobiles have become the most fundamental need of human’s life, MWC has given a superlative opportunity to the manufacturers and consumers of the mobile industry meeting face to face.

  • Prime Focus of Carbon Neutrality
  • Centralizing the attention towards no emission of carbon in the atmosphere, the GSMA has a few objectives to achieve, with MCW, on the mission. These include:
  • Reduction of carbon emission to conserve the environment.
  • Informing the trade show attendees about the goal of GSMA and joining hands with them to go green.
  • Innovating new opportunities to protect the environment from trade shows’ impact.
  • Dynamically working with suppliers to lessen the impact trade show waste on the environment.

Achievements with MCW

GSMA, continuously, puts effort on MCW to become an entire carbon-free trade show. GSMA balanced the carbon emissions in the trade show that were unavoidable by developing a carbon footprint reduction strategy. Even in 2014, Mobile World Congress was certified as the largest carbon neutral trade show and conference by PAS 2060. Along with that, additional green schemes were applied in Mobile World Congress including:

  • Diminution of the waste created by printed materials.
  • Incorporating the usage of solar panels.
  • Encouraging the practice of using recyclable materials on trade show venue.
  • Supporting the initiative of reusing the used supplies in trade show premises.
  • Promoting the usage of electronic signage in the trade show.

With Mobile World Congress, GSMA hopes to promote eco-friendly trade shows across the globe. A huge quantity of waste and carbon is emitted during trade shows. The initiative by GSMA is indicative of the change that could be brought into the environment by the exhibition industry. Thus, the Carbon Neutral trade show, Mobile World Congress, not just remains the platform of technology infusion but becomes a central location for eco-friendly event management.

GSMA Mobile World Congress is going to take place in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, 2017. Contact us today for your trade show booth design and building requirements. Get free consultation from our experts.

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