Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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Albert Einstein once quoted: “Logic takes you from A to B whereas imagination takes you everywhere.” Hence, at we believe in the power of creativity and optimize our vision to give you the best possible designs for your exhibit. And as we are always running our imagination we haven’t stipulated a static approach to creating our own style for visual appeal and making it unique for others. However, we realized that what really help in making a brand more identifiable in an exhibition are the mentioned focus factors:

1. Exhibit Ambiance: Laying adequate emphasis on developing an aura and ambiance where the visitor can experience the perfect mood and professional set up that is required for focusing on your brand counts as the first and foremost way to approach to your audiences. Once the exhibit ambiance is set, there will be a higher probability of the visitor visiting your stand and grabbing attention.

How to create that ambiance?

Designers are excellent in driving the perfection of user experience and interface in an exhibit. What you need is a team of designers who can give you the perfect eye-catching set up in the environment where your brand might fade out. Using the right signage, posters and marketing tactics is exactly what is required to create that ideal impact you’re aiming for.

2. Agenda: You know that at the end of the day what truly matters is whether you were able to deliver your planned objective to the visitors or not. How your exhibit truly helps in delivering that planned objective is something that is imperative for you to learn and understand. Your product is a self-depicting workable product that might itself catch the audience’s attention then in that case the right tactics to display it is what will count the maximum benefit. If not, then the demo of the product will be the highlighting factor of your exhibit.

How to achieve the agenda?

The best way to be in the noticeable eyes of the visitors is by being visually appealing. Again, since we already mentioned there is no fixed protocol for imagination we cannot give you the right or wrong for agenda delivery but we can for sure manage the perfect set up for your company’s objective after your brief us with the desired goals and output.

3. Light Set Up: In an era of growth and development, what drives the true essence of any offline marketing stunt is the best lighting set up at the exhibit stand. The right amount of spotlight being focussed on the product and maximizing the visual appeal of any stand is exactly what an exhibitor requires. So changing your thoughts of sticking to a traditional approach of too bright colors and no spotlight attention will phase out your presence at the exhibition.

• We have always laid emphasis on staying abreast with the latest trends and developments in the industry and hence, realizing that LED display is the present hottest trend in the exhibit industry is what will truly drive your show to stand out from the rest.

4. Size does not matter: To be honest, in today’s arena a bigger size of the trade show might not be the deciding factor in your stand’s success. Yes, it does give you larger room to experiment with your design aesthetics but if not optimized to its full potential, it might fail to give you the desired output. Focus majorly on the way you present things than the size and area of the stand. A small exhibit with a well-displayed product and a less cluttered set up is bound to attract more visitors and buyers from the business sphere than the one which has stacked up too much in a huge area. Following a design concept will be the only factor that can ensure that your exhibit will be a success in that exhibition or not.

5. Optimize Your Tech: Making an effort to go ahead and advancing the tech features of your exhibit with inbuilt displays and demo views of the product is a sure shot way to attract the audiences towards your stand and making an attempt to giving them the desired look of your booth. How well-advanced and perfect the set up of your LED TVs and giving the visitors more than the basic illumination set up will always make you stand out from the rest. Embark on an inspirational journey to broaden your imagination and discover the new dimensions of technological set up in the industry!

Although the above-stipulated pointers have mentioned all the focal areas to a better exhibition visuals and appearance, we conclude by saying that your exhibit is an imperative aspect of your marketing and further a crucial point of sale. The better you utilize in the given resources with a firm understanding of design aesthetics will lead you to excellent results in visual effects.

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