Know What is Coming Up in ExhibitorLive 2017

Get ready for an exposure to the latest exhibit marketing and managing techniques at ExhibitorLive 2017. The Annual Conference comes as a superlative occasion for the Trade Show Professionals to:

• Learn the art of trade show and event marketing and management.
• Discover the ongoing technology trends in the exhibition realm.
• Form strategic alliance with the prime movers and shakers of the business.
• Set effective objectives for your exhibit staffers.
• Reinvent your name in the trade show world.
• Achieve higher ROI with greater efficiency and unique exhibition solutions.
• Unmask the power of social media tools
• Chart your exhibition budgets.

With an unmatched breadth of opportunities, ExhibitorLive 2017 has a scope of everything store in for you.

Network, network, and Network: What could be more compelling than a platform with 6000 plus potential attendees? At ExhibitorLive you have a chance to form forging relationships with professionals from all around the world. Rejuvenate old connections and form new vibrant connections to give your business the desired exposure.

The immersive Conferences and Sessions: Inspired to educate, ExhibitorLive 2017 will feature a total of 169 basic and advanced sessions with veteran industry experts as key speakers. The curriculum of these sessions is based out on the newest developments.

The only university-affiliated CTSM: The marketing landscape evolves with the technological advancements. To compound theses challenges, the Exhibitor Group offers CTSM aka Certified Trade Show Marketer. The learning programs by CTSM are the catalyst to success for event marketers.

Peer2Peer Roundtables: With topics as interesting as augmented and virtual reality, from Corporate to Consulting (Freelancing), profitable exhibiting partnerships, trade show lead management, and much more, Peer2Peer Roundtables allows you to bounce off your ideas on everything.

Share your darkest exhibition nightmares like a fallen booth, no visitors, and more with the veteran industry experts.

The Square: Home to the trade show and corporate event professionals from 50 states and 49 countries, the Square is a glimpse of everything from the innovations in products to the latest updates. Whether you want to donate a book, have a dinner with Strangers or enroll for CTSM or relax in a comfy chair, all you need to do is sign up at the respective kiosks in the Square.

Participate at ExhibitorLive 2017 and experience the ceaseless opportunities which follow after the show. Get yourself registered now.