Importance of Trade Show Attendees – Identifying Your Potential Buyers

For whom do you exhibit? Why do more than 31,000 trade shows are taking place every year? The answer is pretty simple! Trade Shows or exhibitions are the perfect face to face endorsement by a seller or Exhibitor for a buyer or trade show Attendee. Can you even imagine a trade show without the presence of attendees? Surely, you cannot. We understand that it is important for every exhibitor to comprehend the significance of buyers in an exhibition. Thus, we bring you the precise identification of your prospective buyers in a trade show.

Regular Trade Show Attendees

The premier GOAL for the seller! For an exhibitor, the prime target is a trade show attendee looking out for newer products/services available in the market. Such participants are making constant efforts to find out new deals for them. They are the ones who keep their monthly planner updated with the forthcoming trade shows and willing to buy at an exhibit. They have their eyes and brain set on the specific target they are looking for and will be searching for the same in the trade shows. The regular attendees attend an event only after pursuing thorough research and analysis about it. Such trade show attendees are looking out for closing the deals with you.

Interested Buyers

You may think- why interested buyers? Interested buyers are usually locating new options in a trade show but may not close a deal immediately. However, they are the ones who do mark important trade shows on an annual calendar, even for the sake of hunt for the new options. In the case you succeed to win their confidence at the first impression then they would be jotting your details down including name and quote. Or such trade show attendees prefer keeping you on a checklist.

Active Observers

Usually called as trade show strollers, such trade show attendees are keen to observe the latest trends arriving in the market. Their prime motto is not to make a purchase at the trade show, usually. However, there are concerned to scrutinize what other trade show attendees are buying. Such visitors could be- a small business owner of the similar sector or even a blog writer.

Random Buyers

More regular in Consumer Shows, these attendees are not specifically looking out for a major trade show or even interested in looking for latest products or services in the market. They are usually the ones who read about the exhibition somewhere and randomly dropped to check out the trade show. If they are convinced about a product or just like it then they might make a purchase. Or else they are not intentionally at an exhibition to buy something.

Rare Visitors

These trade show visitors are not actively participating or, usually, even interested in taking part in a trade show. If you ask them, they may not even provide an actual relevance of their visiting to a trade show. Also, it is possible that they paid a visit to the show as they received an extra pass from another trade show visitor. Such visitors are not usually targeting any product or technology being displayed in an exhibition.