IDEX 2017- 3 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Stand Builder

The advancement and development of technologies have opened up new vistas and avenues in the Defense sector, and the new folded innovations have escalated the importance of Defense trade shows.

Among a cluster of this sector-specific trade shows, one of them is IDEX, the most prominent exhibition in the MNEA region.

The show unveils novelty across the tri-sectors; air, land, and water. The ‘must participate global event’; IDEX 2017 is scheduled to take place from February 19 until February 23.

If you are exhibiting at IDEX 2016, we are here to help you make the right vendor selection.

Three things to keep in mind while choosing a stand builder

One of the most herculean tasks is to choose the right exhibit house for a successful trade show which yields high returns on investment. Before you make the crucial decision in haste, make sure your vendor qualifies the below-given list:

• Abreast knowledge of the country you are planning to display in

Trade shows differ from country to country and culture to culture. A person with an incomplete understanding of the exhibition industry can never design and build a booth stand as per the aesthetics of that country. What might be critical in a European trade show might be of minimal importance to the trade shows in the Middle East. Fishing in the same pond will eventually limit your gains and exhibiting in the same monotonous booth without altering it with a country rich trade show will limit your ROI. While exhibiting it is of immense importance to recognize the cultural differences or else it might annoy the attendees.

The bottom line is to exhibit with a contractor who recognizes the zeal of the country you are planning to exhibit in.

• A know-how of your brand

A trade show booth must essentially visually tailor the story of your product and take hold of the eyes of your attendees. For a booth stand contractor with no perceptive of your brand, it is impossible to weave a product oriented exhibit stand. Your booth stand must create an attraction for your brand which fosters human interaction. A contractor who has not done his share of homework of understanding your products and services likely isn’t bothered to make your show a victory.

• In-house facilities

Look for a stand contractor who gets all the work done in-house. A contractor with his team of booth designers, constructors, and service providers tend to be more astute than contractors who outsource their work. In-house contractors have a proficient team with a better credibility to deliver impeccable work, well on time. Save yourself from the last minute hiccups by choosing an in-house contractor who manages everything from the start till the finish.

Get a right vendor, and you are ready to roll the ball at IDEX 2017.

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